Social networks and business: Instagram and CRM integration

January 12, 2021
6 минут

We will tell you how to connect Instagram to the CRM system, how it works and whether you need to use Instagram for e-commerce if you still do not use this feature.


There are almost no brands you could not find on Instagram. You can find anything: books, cosmetics, clothes, services, pet stores and even a local shop. 500 million people use Instagram every day. This social network has become a starting point for many companies because it is easy to promote products and services using colourful photos.


Instagram is the most popular social network of 2019. There are billions of photos and videos posted every single day here. Facebook gets 25% of the ad revenue from this app. Nevertheless, ads on Instagram remain the cheapest one compared to other social networks. There are many opportunities to increase the company’s income or promote your brand from scratch.


Since Instagram has become a full-fledged distribution channel, there appeared a necessity in integration to CRM systems. Of course, you can manually process messages and leads from Instagram, but it becomes increasingly inconvenient when the number of customers is growing. You easily can miss a comment from a client or forget about details of his order. Moreover, it is impossible to track the number of orders, sales trends or find order history. CRM can solve all of these problems. For instance, the system can store message history from Instagram, record phone calls, and show how many deals your managers managed to close.


You should choose your CRM system wisely: not all of them can be equally useful to your business. First of all, you have to compose a list of features your business needs. This way, you can compare many options and find the best solution for you at the market of CRM systems.

Instagram CRM system integration

In Russia, there are dozens of developers who offer to integrate Instagram into the CRM system. Generally, the integration works as follows: a customer writes to your Direct Message on Instagram, and you get this message in the CRM system. Thus, your managers can work inside the CRM system and still answer every comment or question from the customer on Instagram. There are many useful tools in various CRM systems, but they can differ.


Let’s examine what you will get if connect Instagram to the CRM:

  • All of your chats with clients are in one place. There is no need to switch between CRM and Instagram;
  • The key to effective sales is to offer the customer what he liked, asked or commented. By connecting Instagram to CRM, you can view all the publications that a customer has reacted to. This will help to make a conclusion about his preferences;
  • The integration allows answering comments on Instagram from CRM using citation. You will not lose clients because you forget what post they commented on;
  • You can set a bot. It will create a task in the CRM system and remind you to write to a customer on Instagram;
  • Many CRM systems can provide useful analytics. They can tell if sales shrunk or rose, who was the most effective employee in the sales department, how many deals have been closed etc. This information helps to monitor the working process and see the weak sides of your business. It is essential to know if something is going wrong so you can fix it;
  • You can develop a detailed script on how to communicate with customers. Using analytics and message history, you can detect and automate routine processes that take time but do not bring results.