#28: WABA messages, Telegram in Bitrix activity, photos in chats

May 1, 2023
3 minutes

Wazzup! We have some goodies for the last couple of weeks:

  • From now you can write to Telegram automatically using our Bitrix activity;
  • We’ve made viewing photos in chats easier: now you can scroll through images as in messengers;
  • Also we’ve changed the name of one of the WABA template categories.

Bitrix24: write first on Telegram automatically

Now you can write first in Telegram channels using our widget activity in Bitrix24.

You can create a chat by Telegram username or phone number. 

☝️ We advise you to send bulk messages with use of the Telegram username. If you will often write first with the phone number, you can get your account blocked.

So it’s better to select in the “Where to write” setting the field with usernames.

👉 How to automatically write first on Telegram from Bitrix24

Photos in chats are easier to view

How it was before: not really comfortable to view more than one photo in the chat room. 

If clients sent several images, the sales rep had to open each one separately. First, he opened and closed the first one. Then opened and closed the second one. And so on – it could get annoying really fast. 

How it works now: now you can view photos in the same way as in WhatsApp and Telegram — without unnecessary extra clicks. Just open the image and scroll through the others.

In the mobile application, this function doesn’t work yet. As soon as it appears, we’ll let you know, so stay tuned.

WABA: Change for the name of template category

WABA templates category “Alerts, reminders, questions for clients” appeared in Wazzup accounts which use the English interface — it replaced the “Transactional” category.

Yes, this is exactly the same category, just with a different name. It should be selected for the templates you will use to send account updates, order updates, alerts and other important information for your clients.

WABA: Salesbot buttons won’t be lost and forgotten

Quick reminder: with WABA channels you can send messages using Salesbot buttons. Such messages can be used in active 24-hour sessions.

How it was before: messages were sent to the client with only one button – the first one.

How it works now: we send messages with buttons this way:

  • A message with more than three buttons will be displayed in the client’s chat and in your Wazzup chat with the Menu button. Clicking on it will open a list of buttons.
  • A message with more than ten buttons won’t be sent completely. The client will only receive the first ten response options.

The statuses of subscriptions and channels are exactly under each other

How it was before: sometimes the statuses of subscriptions and channels were like this:

\ (*_*)

     ) )Z

    / \

How it works now: it’s fixed. The statuses are displayed in one column exactly below each other, just like it should.

That’s all for now, folks. Stay tuned to our newswire to keep up with our updates. 

Hugs to everyone :*