#1: Updated mobile app and fixed bugs in CRM

August 29, 2022
6 минут

Now every week we will tell you about how Wazzup has changed: we’re adding features regularly and fixing bugs when they occur. This week there are lots of updates in the mobile app and in CRMs. 

Updated the mobile app

What has changed in our mobile app: 

  • We’ve added a “suitcase” button. Now you can check contacts and deals with the client from your phone at the touch of a button 😉
  • Improved push notifications in iOS: clicking on the push will take you to chat with the client, not to all chats as before.
  • We made clickable links that the manager sent from the web version of chats. 
  • We also made it prettier and fixed minor bugs. 

Bitrix24: Wazzup chats became more convenient

Before: When a salesperson opened Wazzup chats in CRM, they could not immediately start typing a message: first they had to scroll down to the text input field. 

After: less unnecessary steps – the salesperson doesn’t have to scroll, he sees the input field right away. 

amoCRM: webhook sends all messages

Before: the Wazzup trigger in the funnel stopped working. 

After: The bug was fixed and the messages are being sent again. 

Hubspot: integration reconnects

Before: Some users could not connect or reconnect the CRM integration after the Hubspot update on 31 July. 

After: Problem solved.

Instagram API: while the 7-day window is open, you can write

Before: managers with the wrong time on their computer could not write to the client even if the 7-day dialog session hadn’t expired. 

After: now it’s possible to communicate with clients, even if the time is set incorrectly. 

WABA: channel is not reset when editing a template

Before: When the administrator opened the template editor, the channel selection was reset in the “WABA Channels” field. If they did not notice this and saved the changes in the editor, the salesperson could not find and select the required template in the chat.

After: now leave the channel untouched unless you want to change it yourself. 

Auto-responses only in one-to-one chats

Before: Auto-responses were triggered in group chats, although they were not needed there. 

After: Auto-responses in group chats were disabled ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

That’s all for now. Read our newsletters to be the first to know about updates. Hugs:*