#21: updates in mobile app, WABA and new instructions for Hubspot and Zoho

March 6, 2023
6 минут

Wazzup, fellas! There are now two ways to record voice messages in the mobile application, you can fill in sample variables before moderating the template, also we’ve got new instructions for Hubspot and Zoho automations.

Updates in mobile app

What has been tweaked in the new version:

—  You can now listen to a voice message before sending it. To enable this, simply don’t hold down the microphone button for recording audio. Press it once – the recording will start, press it again – the recording will stop, but won’t send immediately. You’ll be able to listen to the message, and if it doesn’t suit you, you can delete it and try again. At the same time, the old way of recording a message also works: if you hold down the “microphone” button, speak out and release it, the message will immediately fly away to the client.

— We’ve also fixed some bugs with images in the chat: now the correspondence with the picture will scroll smoothly, and you can easily send several pictures at once.

— You won’t encounter annoying status while chatting through your WABA during the trial period.

WABA: fill in example variables before moderating templates

How it worked before:: in the Wazzup personal account, it wasn’t possible to add examples of variables to the template. Because of this in some controversial cases Facebook could reject the template.

How it works now: to increase the chances of successful moderation, now before sending the template for moderation, we will show a window, in which you need to fill in the fields with examples for each variable.

Write in something that will make sense – exact terms or numbers will do. If you left a variable for the address – specify any fictitious address. If for a name, enter any name.

The text you enter is only needed for Facebook verification. Examples won’t be displayed in the template after approval.

We explain how to set up automation in Zoho and HubSpot

How it worked before: when you’ve had problems with setting up the automation in Zoho and Hubspot, you were in need to google it or cry or go to the technical support to understand how it all works.

How it works now: we’ve published a step-by-step algorithm in the knowledge base for Zoho and for HubSpot. Now all the information you need is in one place.

WABA: we normally explain what is wrong with the template

How it worked before:if the template title is too long, and the template body contains the required number of characters, the manager wasn’t allowed to send a message with the wording “text too long”. The manager didn’t understand what to do, because he didn’t exceed the limits in the body of the template.

How it works now: now we specify where exactly there are too many letters – in the title or in the body of the template.

Analytics: we don’t count empty chats now

How it worked before: when an empty chat without messages was created, it was considered as a new dialogue in the analytics.

How it works now: we count only chats with messages.

That’s all for now, folks. Stay tuned to our newswire to keep up with our updates. 

Hugs to everyone :*