Write first in WhatsApp directly from CRM

Easy WhatsApp integration with amoCRM and Bitrix.
Connection in 5 minutes without developers and black magic.
3 days for test

Finally, selling
in instant messengers will be


Sellers write to WhatsApp directly from CRM

  • The manager sees only his correspondence, and the manager — all
  • Contacts and deals for new clients are created automatically
  • Correspondence is saved in CRM
  • One number for the entire sales department
  • Sending automatic messages

Sellers will say «thank you»

Working in CRM will become easier, faster and more convenient. The  system will be in perfect order, and sellers will not do extra work for this.
him more not necessary

What we are often asked

Yes, you can connect WhatsApp to CRM through us. And you can also connect the WhatsApp Buisness API and apply for verification, agree on templates and get a green check. For details and help, contact our support
You can, WhatsApp Business API is great for this. You will be able to send newsletters without restrictions, and also insert buttons into messages to increase the conversion.
Yes. Moreover, if you use one number for all managers, then managers will see group chats only with their clients and not will see strangers.
WhatsApp for CRM we can connect at least for everything at once. Even if there are several of them, you will be able to answer customers from one window.

Yes, we do. With Megaplan, Planfix, EnvyCRM and 30+ more. You can find out exactly whether there is integration with us in the marketplace of your CRM.

If you have a custom CRM, you can connect Wazzup via API. For large companies where more than 50 people will use the service we do the API integration ourselves. Just leave a request — and we will help.

Yes, all sellers will correspond from CRM or our mobile application, but the messages of each other will not be visible.

No problem. You can transfer all sellers to one channel, and you can make a separate one for everyone.

If you have a large company, leave a request, and we will tell you how we can help.

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Yes, we have companies that do this. For example DNS  — your phone, but the managers of one branch use a single number. Moreover, when new calls come to this phone, they are distributed precisely among the branch managers.
Yes, we can connect Roistat, CoMagic and any other analytics that works on google id and yandex id.

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