Referral affiliate program

Attract new clients and get 20% share on clents' payments

For a client to become your referral, they need to sign up using your referral link from Affiliate section in your Wazzup account. Link cookies are kept for 1 month in our database. If your client doesn’t get registered immidiately, he will linked as your refferal whenever he is back to our website.

We allow to create unlimited amount of referal links. Each link contains a bonus – 10 Euro or 10 USD. Registration statistics will show which sorce is the most efficient.

Official affiliate program

If you are an intergator, marketing agency or web site developer - we invite to join our Official Partner Program. Official partner program does not exclude the referral program but complements it. Promote Wazzup among your clients and get up to 50% share as a life-time comission. Submit application to join Official Partner Program.