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Send a file in Business Process

Bitrix24 does not allow attaching files to messages. Send images, video, audio and documents in business processes and robots in Wazzup using the link in square brackets. The service downloads the content and sends the document. Files larger than 10 mb will be sent with a download link. 

1. Prepare the file for sending

  • Send the file through Wazzup chat to your number or client number. The service will process the file and assign a link to it.
  • Copy the link address. 

  • Insert the link in the message and put it in square brackets.

2. Add file links into the template text.

  • Open the business process template you want to insert file links into.
  • Click the cog symbol to open the configuration window:

  • A window will appear. Input the file links into the text. All the links should be enclosed with square brackets. To resize the text box, drag the bottom right corner of the window.


  • Save the changes.

3. Start the business process.

  • Go to the card of the contact, lead, or deal and choose one of the active business processes.

  • The message will be sent when the status of the process changes to “Completed”. It usually takes a few seconds.

Here is how the message with an image sent in the business process will look: