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Wazzup or Open Channels

You can write from WhatsApp and Instagram channels through Open Channels or through Wazzup. You can connect one part of your channels to our service and the other part to Open Channels.

When connecting via Wazzup, you will be able to text through our chat window and mobile app. Messages will only go through our service, so the connection will be more stable.

Wazzup chat functions.

When connecting via Open Channels, the user will have more Bitrix24 features available. You will be able to communicate via chat and the Wazzup mobile app, but then outgoing messages will appear as incoming messages in Open Channels. Because of this, you will receive notifications in Bitrix24 about a new message every time you write from the Wazzup chat window. The Wazzup mobile app will not receive push notifications.

Create dialogue in Open Channels.