Notifications for administrator

Administrator is an employee who monitors the work of the Wazzup service in your company. For the administrator, you can configure receiving notifications in Telegram about channel statuses, integration statuses and Wazzup account balance.

How to add an administrator

To add and configure notifications, go to the “Account Settings” section → the “Notifications” tab.

Follow the link or copy the link and send it to the employee for whom you want to set up notifications.

When you click the link, you will be taken to the chat with the bot. Press “Start”, then refresh the Wazzup login page. A new line will be added to the list of administrators.

To delete an administrator or edit the name, hover your cursor over the line with the name. The icons “Pencil” for editing and “Cross” for deleting will appear next to it. Only the name of the administrator can be edited, @nickname cannot be edited.

Channel distribution

Notifications can be set up for WhatsApp and Instagram channels. There are no notifications for VK and Telegram channels.

A new channel is automatically added to all administrators, except for those who only have finance connected.

If you click “Add all for everyone” all registered channels for notifications will be added to all administrators.

If you click “Delete all for everyone” all channels for notifications will be deleted from all administrators.

To add channels to an administrator click on the “Add” button. After you click, a drop-down menu with a list of all active channels will appear. Select the channels you want to add.

After you assign the channel to the administrator, the status of the notification line will change to “On” in the “Channels” section of the settings.

Channel status notifications

Those statuses, which require actions from the user, are called critical. For example, if a notification about the status of “QR expired” came, the integration will be restored only after the QR code is scanned again. The same is with the statuses “Opened somewhere else” or “Not paid”.

It is not possible to select certain critical statuses for which notifications will be sent. You can enable or disable notification only about the status “Phone not available”:

If your employees travel to meetings – the number that is used as a WhatsApp channel can sometimes be out of reach. In this case, the channel gets the status “Phone not available”. Uncheck the box in the notification settings for this status so that you don’t receive them. Vice versa, if your employees are constantly in the office and the WhatsApp channel is connected to a phone with a stable Internet connection — leave the check mark. Notification about the inaccessibility of the channel will help you solve the problem in time.

The notification is accompanied by a brief description of the problem and a link to instructions that will help to quickly resolve the problem and get the channel back online:

Integration status notifications

When the integration stops working, immediate action by the user is needed to restore it. If the integration fails, the administrator is notified:

Log in to your account. Go to the “Integrations” section of your personal account settings. Delete the integration with which you are having problems, and add the integration again.

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Finance notifications

Subscription status notifications are sent to the administrators to whom the Finance channel is assigned. The finance administrator can be either a specific individual or an administrator who keeps track of all notifications. 

If you have an accountant in your company, add him to avoid unnecessary notifications and simplify the work of the accounting department. 

Reminders to renew your subscription come three days in advance, a day in advance, and on the day when your subscription expires.