Wazzup справка и инструкция по сервису

Official Partner Program

We invite integrators, marketers and website developers to join our official partner program. Offer your clients the Wazzup service and get 35% of their check as long as the client uses the service. In addition, you will have two free channels in each of your two personal accounts on Max plan.

Official partners set up the service themselves for customers and support them through all stages of using Wazzup.

The official program does not exclude the referral program, but complements it. If you’re not going to set up the service for a client, then use the referral program. Then we will set up the service for a new user and help him figure out how Wazzup works, and you will get 20% of every client’s payment for a year, if he registered through your referral link.

If you register a client through an official program, but don’t help him, the client won’t understand the service and will leave. You will earn nothing on such client, although you could receive 20% on the referral program.

The partner program is a friendly relationship between Wazzup and partners. But we ask you to observe a number of rules within this cooperation, which you can find in the “Rules” tab of the “Affiliate” section.

How to get the official partner status

Sign up to access your Wazzup dashboard. Fill in the application on our site. To do this, you will need your account number. After processing your application, we will contact you.

How to add a client

If you get the official partner status, a new tab called “Clients” will appear in Wazzup dashboard’s “Affiliate” section.

The table displays all your clients and referrals starting from the moment you have received the official partner status. Already existing clients can be added through Wazzup support.

Here you can plan further communication with customers, based on the information from the columns “Balance” and “Subscription end date”. The currency of the “Balance” column is the same as the currency of your client’s account.

The same section allows you to add all new clients you connect to the service. After adding, the client will receive 500 ₽, 10 € or 10 $ to their bonus account, depending on your currency.

Press the “Add client” button. A window will open. Enter the client’s data: e-mail of the administrator in the client’s account, company name, and account language.

The ID in the clients table is clickable – it will take you to the relevant client dashboard where you can view channels and configure integrations. This client dashboard page looks almost the same as your own account page. The yellow frame will tell you that you are in the client’s account.

Partner account

The rules for withdrawals for official and referral partners are similar. However, official partners have an additional “Replenish affiliate account” button. It allows you to pay for the accounts of your linked clients yourself. This can be done via Stripe. The current balance of the partner account is given in the top right corner, above the table.


In the partner account refill window, enter the desired amount, your card details and you will be redirected to Stripe for payment.

How to create a subscription for a customer

  1. Log into your client’s account.
  2. Go to “Subscriptions” section.
  3. Click .
  4. Select your subscription options and click “Continue”.
  5. Pay for the subscription from your affiliate account.
  6. Done you have created a subscription.

How to renew a subscription

  1. Log into your client’s account.
  2. Go to “Subscriptions” section.
  3. Click the “three dots” menu on the right side of the subscription bar → “Prolong”.
  4. Select the renewal term.
  5. Pay for the subscription from your affiliate account.
  6. Done you have renewed your subscription.

Two free channels

After joining the official partner program, your clients table will have the “Demo account” row added to it. You can add two free channels to this account: one WhatsApp Web channel and one Instagram channel.

You can also add two free channels to your main account. These channels in both of your dashboards will operate using the “Max” price plan.

Having two free channels for each of your two dashboards is also a part of the additional benefits for our official partners. This bonus is valid for every new partner for 3 years since the moment they have joined the program.  During this time, the balance on these channels does not decrease. If after these three years of collaboration we will continue our partnership, the subscriptions will be automatically renewed. These are valid for personal use or for commercial purposes, as well as for demonstrating the service’s operation to clients.

If you need more than two channels for each of the accounts, they will be 35% cheaper than usual.