Wazzup справка и инструкция по сервису

The “Phone not available” channel status

Wazzup can only send and receive messages if WhatsApp is available on your phone. It may not be available if the phone’s battery runs out, the Internet connection is lost, or the app is “asleep”.

The battery is dead or the Internet connection is lost

Use a separate phone for work. Put it on a charger and do not remove it, so that the phone certainly won’t run out of battery.

Use reliable Wi-Fi and keep your phone close to your router so that it is always online.

On Android devices, after a while, the Wi-Fi connection is lost in order to save energy. Your phone will not go into power saving mode if you receive messages continuously. You can connect to our Telegram bot, which will send messages every 10 seconds and will not let your phone lose contact.

  1. Install Telegram on your phone.
  2. Write to the bot @wzping01_bot.
  3. Set the phone to silent mode, but do not disable notifications from the bot.

The app is “asleep”

Set up your phone so that WhatsApp doesn’t fall asleep. If you don’t have such menu items in your phone, look for them by analogy.

Old Android: Settings → Screen → Sleep mode → Don’t turn on.

Modern Android:

  • Settings → Battery and performance → Power → Energy saving → Turn off the “Restrict background activity” function;
  • Customization → All apps → WhatsApp or WhatsApp Business → Activity control → Select the “No restrictions” function;
  • Customization → All apps → WhatsApp or WhatsApp Business → Other permissions → Check the “Run in background” option.

iOS: Settings → General → Background App Refresh → WhatsApp or WhatsApp Business → Enable the slider.

When the connection is restored, all messages will go in both directions and nothing will be lost.

To receive timely notifications when your phone is unavailable, set up the “notifications for administrator” function.