Wazzup Knowledge base


How Wazzup works in Bitrix24

Wazzup chats are an additional interface with dialogues inside your CRM. They are located in the deal, contact or lead cards and on the left panel of Bitrix menu.

The main advantage of working in Wazzup chat is stability, because the processing of messages is only done by Wazzup. If the integration is working via Open Lines, the message is first being processed by our service, and then by Bitrix24. If there is a failure on the side of Bitrix24, we will not be able to influence it.

In addition, in the Wazzup chat, you can listen to the audio message without downloading, reply with a native WhatsApp quote to the client’s message and attach a file to a template.

Individual chat

To write a message to a client from an Individual Wazzup chat, go to the client’s (the lead’s or contact’s) card. In the actions menu, press the “Wazzup” button. On smaller screens, the button can be found the “More” section.

After that, an Individual Wazzup chat will open.

General chat

The General chat is the window containing all the dialogues. General chat features:

  • Dialogues with all your clients in a single window;
  • Unanswered messages counter;
  • Dialogues display feature to see all the dialogues or only those you are responsible for.

To open the General chat, click the “Wazzup” button on the left panel of Bitrix menu.

How to open the General Wazzup chat?

Sometimes the General Wazzup chat is not displayed on the left panel of Bitrix automatically. In this case, it can be added manually.

Go to “Applications” → «Wazzup»:

The General Wazzup chat will open. Copy the link to the chat in your browser:

Now close all the windows and go to the menu settings. To do this, choose “Configure menu” → “Add link to menu” on the left panel of Bitrix:

A window will open. Enter the name (Wazzup) and the link to the chat you have copied before. Click “Add”:


How to configure the General chat for your employees

To make the General Wazzup chat visible to all employees, assign access rights in the “Applications” section as shown in the screenshot. Add all employees.

Employees you added in the settings will now have the Wazzup tab on the left panel of Bitrix.

Wazzup chats features

To write a message, input it in the text field. To send, press the button with a plane or Enter.

Unanswered messages notifications

Dialogues in the general chat are not ordered chronologically. The top positions in Wazzup are always given to the clients who have not received an answer from you. Such approach to sorting prevents you from missing such dialogues in the overall communication flow.

In Wazzup, there are no “unread” messages; what matters is whether a message has been answered or not.

 To make a notification about an “unanswered” message disappear, you need to reply to a client or press the “No reply needed” button. Not a single dialogue with a client that has not been replied to can disappear from the dialogue list by mistake.

If a dialogue does not have any unanswered messages left, the icon will be changed to a green arrow.

How to write first in WhatsApp

Using Wazzup Chats, you can write first if you know the contact’s phone number – even if you have not had any previous communication with them. Go to your personal account. By default, you will get to the Chats page. Press the “Add Chat” button.

A modal window will appear. Use it to specify the contact’s name, country, and number. Press the “Add” button.

The contact has been added to your dialogues. To find the contact, use the search feature or do it manually. The chat will be automatically placed first among unanswered messages.

Click the new chat to open the communication window.

User images for newly added clients are automatically retrieved after you receive the first message from them.

How to write first in Instagram

To write first to write to a client, you will need the nickname of their account in Instagram.

First, create the Instagram field in the contact’s card. To do this, go to the contact and press “Select Field”:

A short list will open. Select the “Select from other section” option:

A window with a list of fields will open. Choose “Instagram”:

The Instagram field will appear in the contact’s card. Input the name of the account you want to write to and save the changes in the card:

Then go to your Wazzup Chat. It is located in the top part of the card:

Inside it, an additional chat will appear to communicate via Instagram from the contact’s card:

Write and send your message:

If the Instagram account name you entered does not exist, the service will reply with an error:

We do not recommend overusing this functionality and using it for bulk messaging due to the high risk of being blocked for spam.

Information about recipients and outgoing channels

You can see the channel the message was received from and the channel the reply was sent from. You can set the channel name in the Channel settings in your Wazzup account.

If you have multiple channels connected, you can choose the one to reply from. The outgoing channel switch is located in the bottom right corner.

Group chats

Group chats are only displayed in your personal account and Wazzup Chats:

These can be seen by anyone who has access to the chat window. By default, group chats display is disabled in Wazzup Chats. You can enable group chats display in the Integrations section of your account settings. Conversely, you cannot disable group chats display in your personal account. There, these are always visible.

Group chats do not create a separate contact, lead, or deal and are not linked to them. Cards will not have messages from group chats displayed in them.

Message status

In Wazzup chats, you can see message statuses analogous to WhatsApp. One gray tick means “sent”; two grey ticks mean “received”; two green ticks mean “read”. The waiting animation means that the message is being processed. If this status persists for more than two minutes, please, contact the support.


In Wazzup Chats, you can quote others when replying to them in WhatsApp. To do this, press the arrow to the right of the incoming message. After that, enter your reply and send it.

Quickly switching between clients

The Wazzup chat allows you to quickly switch among leads, contacts and client’s deals (including closed deals). The switch button is located inside the client dialogue. To open a page in a new tab, hold Ctrl before clicking the target section.


The Wazzup chat supports native WhatsApp emoji. Click the icon in the bottom left corner to open the tab with all the smileys.


Also in the bottom left corner, there is a button with a paper clip on it. It is used to send files. File size limit is 50 MB.

Apart from files and images, clients can send you geo tags (as links to Google Maps), voice messages and contact cards (as plain text).

Message templates

In your Wazzup personal account, you can create message templates. These help reduce response time, free your employees from having to create repetitive messages by hand, and eliminate the possibility of errors or misprints in communication. Your templates can contain media up 50 MB in size. Use ready-made messages to give directions, send pricings, or give common instructions.

To create a template, go to the “Message templates” section of your Wazzup account settings:

A window will appear. Input the template’s name (only you will be able to see it). Put the text you would like to use into the message field. You can also attach a file or use an emoji. When adding multiple images at once, you can change their order by dragging them with your mouse.

The resulting message will be displayed in the templates list. You can then delete or edit it if you need.

To send a template, go to the chats or return to the CRM.

As a result, your client will receive a message like this, with all the attachments:


On the right panel of Bitrix24, there is the “Wazzup – Notifications” section. This section displays the notifications chat for all new messages. The chat is created automatically when installing the Wazzup application, and at first, there is only one employee in it: the one who installed the application. You should then add all the people involved in communications so that they are able to see and hear notifications about new messages.

One line is created for each client number. The line shows the total of unread messages. As new messages keep coming, the number in the line changes. The screenshot shows messages from three clients. As you can see, one of them wrote two messages, another wrote one message, and the last one wrote four:

The key principle when working with the notifications chat is that there should be nothing in the chat. In other words, the chat only shows the clients who you have not replied to yet. As soon as one of the employees replies to the client, the line with this client will disappear from the notifications chat. If there is nothing to reply, press the “No reply needed” button. In this case, the line with the client will also disappear from the chat and nobody will be distracted by it.

When an employee has a Wazzup chat open with a client, it is assumed that this employee is able to see all the new messages and is engaged in a dialogue with the client, so none of these new messages will be sent to the notifications chat. Everyone else will get a notification only in two cases:

  1. The employee has closed the chat with the client;
  2. 5 minutes have passed, but the employee has not responded (no outgoing message from the employee has been sent, nor has the “No reply needed” button has been pressed).

Communication history

To maintain a context for all the communications with a client and take all the other activities and interactions with the client into account, all the messages are duplicated as comments into the feed. The messages are in the opposite order compared to the usual messengers. The most recent ones are on top:

To not lose track of the comments you need in the feed, you can pin them using a paper clip. You can pin up to three comments.

Where the client came from

In the “More” section of a lead’s or client’s card, the source – transport – is shown, as well as the name of the channel through which the client got into your CRM. When working through OC, the source will not be shown.

Filter for Instagram comments

You can choose which comments to receive in CRM and which not. In the channel settings, set the parameters by which the system will filter the desired comments.

You can filter comments by keywords or post URL.