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Configure the creation of deals in Megaplan

If the import of deals from WhatsApp is configured, then when a client writes a message to your linked number, a notification is sent to Megaplan and a deal is automatically created. A new contact is linked in the deal if there is no such phone number in the customer base.

Instead of a name, a phone number will be substituted, the WhatsApp logo will be recorded as an avatar, and the message itself will be included in the description and the transaction log:

This applies only to the first message, the subsequent ones will only go to the transaction log. A client card will be created in the “Clients” module, to which the created deal will be linked. The contact phone number of the new client will be recorded in the “Contact information” block.

Setting up and editing process diagrams is available to employees with the rights of a Director and a Sales Director.

1. Open “Settings”.

2. Select “Business processes and deals” in the top bar.

3. Select a scheme in which deals from WhatsApp will be created.

4. Click on “Process Sources”.

5. Open the “Import from WhatsApp” tab on the left panel.

6. Select the phone number connected to the WhatsApp integration and save the settings.