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Planfix integration settings

Integration settings can be found in the right part of your Wazzup account page.

“Save settings” – any changes in integration settings are applied only after pressing this button.

“Remove integration” – allows to remove Planfix integration with one click.

1. Channels for this integration

In step 1, you need to select the channels in WhatsApp you plan to work with in Planfix. If you do not have any channels yet, add a channel in the “Channels” section.

If you have added a channel in Planfix settings but have not selected it in step 1 of Wazzup settings, the message from this channel will not be sent.

If the message has not been delivered, you will see a red icon inside the task:

Click it to see the cause of the error. In this case, it is shown that the channel is not enabled in the integration settings:

If the channel has not been selected in step 1, you also cannot reply to the incoming message.

As soon as the channel is enabled, delete the old task and create it again. If the message has been sent successfully, it will be marked with a green tick:

2. Use the default outgoing channel

You can write to a client in WhatsApp from Planfix even if you have not had a chat with that client before. To do this, you only need the client’s phone number. You can get it from a request they have made on your site, via e-mail or phone, or it can be entered manually.

In step 2 of integration settings, you can choose the channel you will use as the default outgoing channel:

You do not have to choose the outgoing channel manually. In this case, during step 2, the system will automatically choose the channel you have selected first in step 1.

This automatic selection in step 2 will work only if you have not specified any channels in Planfix integration settings:

If your company’s employees work from different channels, add their numbers to Planfix. When writing to a client for the first time, a list will pop up to choose the outgoing channel to use. A task will be created using this contact. You will be able to communicate within it only from the channel you have written from the first time.

To choose another channel for the dialogue, delete the task and create it again. If the channel is unavailable or rescanning the QR code is required, the message will be sent only after reanimating the channel.