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Service messages

In Wazzup there is a special type of messages – system messages. They are called system messages, because they are not incoming or outgoing in the chat of your customers, but operators and managers can see them.
In the Wazzup interface system messages are shown in the middle of the correspondence with the client and have red colour. The idea is borrowed from the standard WhatsApp application. Here is the layout of the messages in the interface:

When configuring integrations with other systems, this visual difference can not be transmitted, so the message comes as incoming one, but there is a notation so that no one gets confused. It looks like this:

=== SYSTEM Wazzup === Here comes the text of the message

Variants of service messages.

 1. Messages when you start the dialogue from Wazzup.

If the client writes the first to your number, it goes without saying that the client has WhatsApp (otherwise how would have have written to us?) and we do not need to check anything, we start the dialogue immediately.

If you need the manager to write first, then we need to check whether the client has WhatsApp. It happens that he has not. In any case, there will be a service message:

=== SYSTEM Wazzup === Chat is initialized, you can write this client to WhatsApp or
=== SYSTEM Wazzup === Chat is not possible, this phone number does not have a WhatsApp account

The meaning of the messages is evident from the text of the messages themselves. They come only once, at the very beginning of the conversation with the client.

2. Missed audio and video calls from customers.
Wazzup can not receive calls, so any call will be missed. The message of an unsuccessful call from the client will come immediately. Looks like that:

=== SYSTEM Wazzup === There was an attempt to call into whatsapp from the number +7999999999 at 23:15 or
=== SYSTEM Wazzup === There was a video call attempt at whatsapp from the number +7999999999 at 23:15

The customer number and time will be set to real.
What should you do if you receive a message? – wright, that for this number the voice call will not work and call back from the other.

3. Notification that the client has not received or read your messages for a long time:

=== SYSTEM Wazzup === Till now is not delivered to the client (it has passed {ND} minutes).
Comes if the last message within {ND} minutes after sending did not have the status “received by the addressee”.

=== SYSTEM Wazzup === The message is delivered and read.
It comes only if it was sent “still not delivered”, when the message received the status of “read by the addressee” within 30 minutes of the receipt.

=== SYSTEM Wazzup === The message is finally delivered!
It comes only if it was sent “still not delivered”, when the message received the status “received by the addressee”, but did not receive the status “read by the addressee” within 30 minutes (counting from receipt).

=== SYSTEM Wazzup === Not yet read by the client (passed {NR} hours).
It comes if the last message after receiving the status “received by the addressee” does not have the status “read by the addressee” after {NR} hours.

=== SYSTEM Wazzup === All right, all messages are finally read.
It comes in the case if there was a system message “Not yet read by the client” was sent before when the last message receives the status “read by the addressee”.

=== SYSTEM Wazzup === The status of messages for this number can not be obtained.
It comes if the message has the status “unknown”. It comes once per 24 hours, if during this time there were outgoing messages. Just so that everyone was aware that there are no guarantees of successful delivery of messages to this client and nothing can be done about it.

You can enable or disable this group of messages in the settings, and you can configure the delays of the non-delivered (ND) and unread (NR) messages.
What should I do if I receive a message? – if the message was urgent – call or use another communication channel.