Ban in WhatsApp

WhatsApp can ban a number in three cases: spamming, scanning the QR code by a recently registered account, and using emulators.


In the WhatsApp context, spam is any message that people do not want to receive. The service actively fights spammers, and since users have trust in it, every message is valuable for them. It is important to understand that every user who receives a message can add any contact to spam at any moment – even if you have previously had dialogue with this client.

Your recipients can make a complaint about marketing messages. Using an official WhatsApp newsletter and legally acquiring clients’ contact details does not change the fact that a user can still press “Report Spam” and “Block” if they do not like the message (possibly because they deemed it irrelevant or untimely – or for any other reason).

On the other hand, if your offer is really attractive, clients would not want to report you as spam. Presume you created a newsletter and sent it to 1000 people. You manager received 100+ requests. The next thing your client needs is a timely response and a dialogue with a real human manager. However, no manager can process 100+ requests in 10 minutes. So, your client is ready to buy but nobody responds to them – and you lose a client at this point.

Technically, you can configure bulk messaging to be doneusing API, using mass operation in amoCRM/Bitrix24/PlanFix, using Salesbot, and using automation. Keep in mind that we are not responsible for bans caused by bulk messaging. Having been banned, you will lose a communication channel with your client and they will not be able to contact you anymore.

WhatsApp is a service that is about having a dialog, not bulk messaging. If you send a user a message and they see it as relevant, they will continue messaging with you and expect a real person to answer, a “human manager”. Involve such a manager ins sending out your offers. Automated tools are not able to identify your client’s needs. You should provide a specific offer to a specific person. A human manager can review the communication history, and if the client was interested in ‘blue dresses’, for example, the manager will reply about when these ‘blue dresses’ will be in stock. This will decrease the risk to be reported as spam.

WhatsApp identifies automated spam based on the following parameters:

  • Based on the message rate. No human can send more than 30 messages a minute to different people.
  • Based on the hash sum. Hash is a mathematical sum of all the symbols in a message. If the messages are the same, their hash sums will be identical. Sending messages with identical hash sums works as a trigger for WhatsApp to suspect spam.
  • Based on the informational volume of the message. WhatsApp identifies how many kilobytes of information the message contains. The algorithm understands how many symbols can be generated manually.

WhatsApp cannot recognize your connection to the Wazzup service. For WhatsApp, we are just a user connected to WhatsApp-Web. Every Wazzup user has their own proxy (IP address). Our mobile proxy pool contains 10,000 mobile IP addresses. Upon connection, your current IP is assigned randomly. We made using our service secure, and WhatsApp cannot track any of that. The “You have been banned for using third party software or unverified services” message means that the algorithms recognised you using third party bulk messaging services.

Wazzup is not a bulk messaging service and is not responsible for your having been banned. Using automated bulk messaging is a breach of the license agreement.

How to avoid getting banned?

  • Use WhatsApp only to send personalized messages. If you need to maintain a regular newsletter for your clients, use e-mail or SMS. These services will not ban your number or address, so you will not lose your communication channels.
  • If you still need to write to your client in WhatsApp about particular goods / promotions / new services, send this client a targeted offer. Your managers will send personalized messages once every 1-2 minutes after reviewing the previous communication with the client. Conversely, your managers will not send your clients any messages containing information they will not be interested in.
  • If you have automated bulk messaging configured for specific triggers, replace it with automatic task assignment for your managers (“Write to client…”).

Recently registered account on scanning the QR code

WhatsApp records your registration date and IP address to its database automatically. An IP address has a concrete geographic location. When connecting to Wazzup, each person is randomly assigned their personal IP address. However, it is technically impossible to assign an IP address relevant to your region.

When connecting to Wazzup right after signing up for WhatsApp, you temporarily change your location (because your own IP address with your real location is changed to an IP provided by our service). WhatsApp algorithms recognize that you are using a third party service and ban your phone number.

Any recently registered user can be banned upon connecting to our service when scanning the QR code. An account recently registered on a mobile device which has previously had a phone number banned is highly likely to be banned again.

How to avoid getting banned?

  • After signing up for WhatsApp, wait for at least a day (24 hours).
  • During these 24 hours, have real live chats in the app. 24 hours is enough time to fly to another region of a country. So, in this case, WhatsApp will not question the change in your geographical location.
  • Sign up using a device which has never had a ban on it before. Your phone number is linked to your device upon signing up for the service. When you get banned, WhatsApp already has the following data about you: your IP address, your device’s IMEI, and a snapshot of your previous application. IMEI is a unique identifier of a SIM card slot or a modem. IMEI cannot be reset. Consequently, a device that has been banned before is more likely to be banned again.


An emulator, in this case, is an Android imitation run on a PC. WhatsApp has technical means to distinguish between a real phone and an emulator. An emulator cannot have a valid IMEI. The hash and the core used in it are not similar to the ones used on a real mobile device.

Yes, you can run and use WhatsApp on an emulator. But if WhatsApp’s algorithms suspect any use of automation when using their service, they will check for emulators. A permanent ban then follows.

How to avoid getting banned?

There is no way to avoid this type of ban. Do not use emulators.

What to do if your number has been banned

  1. Email WhatsApp support. Most likely, the number will be unbanned.
  2. Sign up for WhatsApp after returning the number. Do not connect to the Wazzup service immediately after registration, as this may lead to ban. With a second time being banned, there is practically no chance of returning your account.
  3. Create a new WhatsApp account on a different number to transfer clients to it and avoid being banned again.
  4. Create an auto-reply in WhatsApp Business on the old number with a link to the new number. An example of an auto-reply: “Hello, we have switched to a new number. Send your message to +7 980 000-00-00 “.

Now you have a new number with your clients without a ban history.

If you did not get your number back

1 Delete the banned WhatsApp or WhatsApp Business app;

2. Disable your Wi-Fi (if you were banned while connected to it, this Wi-Fi is now compromised);

3. Restart the phone and connect using your mobile Internet connection;

If you did not have a SIM card inserted, insert it now and connect using your mobile Internet connection. If you had a SIM card inserted, it is necessary to restart your mobile Internet connection. Upon restarting, a new connection is established. You get assigned to a new cell and a new IP address.

4. Download and install the WhatsApp or WhatsApp Business app using this mobile Internet connection;

5. Sign up with a new phone number while using your mobile Internet connection; To sign up with a new phone number, you do not have to physically change your SIM card.

You can:

  • Use a number of another mobile device. At the confirmation stage, when a message is sent to the number, just enter this code in the WhatsApp application run on the device you are going to use.
  • Connecting WhatsApp Business. You can sign up for it using any phone number including virtual PBX. In this case, instead of sending a message, the service will call you via a bot and dictate the code.

6. After this, you should communicate within the app in the same way. These should be real live chats;

7. After 24 hours have passed, scan the QR-code using your mobile Internet connection;

8. After connecting to Wazzup, send a couple of messages to check that everything is working correctly;

9. Finally, you can connect using Wi-Fi.