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Facebook Business Manager verification instructions

1. Follow the link to the Facebook Business Manager settings.

2. Select a company.

3. In the panel on the left, find and click on the button

4. On the “Business Information” page, fill in all the fields in the “Business Details” block. To add or edit information, click

5. Now the status of the company confirmation is “Unverified”. Сlick “View Details” to continue the configuration.

6. In the “Business Verification” block, the “Start Verification” button is not active yet. We’ll fix it now. Do not close this window, you will come back to it later.

How to activate the “Start Confirmation” button

1. Open a new window in your browser and paste in the address bar: https://developers.facebook.com/. On this page you will create a new application.

2. Press “Log in”.

3. Enter your Facebook login and password into the form.

4. Click the “Get Started” button in the upper right corner and create an account with Facebook Developers.

5. Fill in information about yourself.

6. Instead of the “Getting Started” section, the “My Apps” section will appear.

7. Click on “My Apps” and you will automatically be redirected to your Facebook for Developers account.

8. Click the button

9. Select the “Manage Business Integrations” option.

10. Click

11. Fill out the form and click the “Create an App” button.

12. Pass the security check. This may take a couple of minutes.

13. Add the “Facebook Login” application. To do this, click “Set Up”.

14. Select “Web” as Application Platform.

15. You can skip the next steps that Facebook offers. Go to the “Dashboard” tab on the left side of the screen. Your application is already there, you don’t need to do anything with it.

Back to Company Settings

1. Refresh the page.

2. The button has become clickable. Click on it.

3. Completely fill out the form in accordance with the documents and click “Next”.

4. Confirm the legal name of the company. To do this, upload an official document that confirms that the legal name of your company is as specified. This can be: a license to conduct commercial activities, certificates of registration or articles of association, certificate of registration of a taxpayer. Then select the language of the document. Click “Next”.

5. Confirm the address and phone number that will be visible in the profile. The easiest way to confirm this is to order a certificate from the bank — you can request a statement online. If the legal address was not indicated, write to the technical support of the bank and the document will be corrected.

You can also use any of these documents for confirmation: utility bill, business license. The main thing is that the document contains the address and phone number. Click “Next”.

6. Choose one of the ways to contact you: call by phone or write by e-mail. Facebook responds faster via email. To further speed up the process, use domain mail. To do this, confirm your company’s domain.

7. Wait 1-2 days for confirmation.