Wazzup Knowledge base


WhatsApp API Channel

Before connecting the channel, go through the verification in Facebook Business Manager and apply for the WhatsApp API number.

  1. Go to the channel settings in your Wazzup personal account.
  2. Click on the green Add Channel button → WhatsApp API.
  3. Copy the API key 360dialog. To do this, go to your account and click on the blue “Generate API Key” button in the lower right corner.
  4. Fill the form. In the “Phone number for which the API key was received” field, enter your number that you used to register WhatsApp Business with Facebook. In the “API key” field, paste the key that you copied in the previous paragraph.
  5. Click Add. After synchronization, the channel will receive the “Active” status.
  6. Done – you’ve added the WhatsApp API channel. Now add the moderated message templates to send via Wazzup or Salesebot chat to amoCRM.