First message to a client on Instagram in Bitrix24

To write first to write to a client, you will need the nickname of their account in Instagram.

First, create the Instagram field in the contact’s card. To do this, go to the contact and press “Select Field”:

A short list will open. Select the “Select from other section” option:

A window with a list of fields will open. Choose “Instagram”:

The Instagram field will appear in the contact’s card. Input the name of the account you want to write to and save the changes in the card:

Then go to your Wazzup Chat. It is located in the top part of the card:

Inside it, an additional chat will appear to communicate via Instagram from the contact’s card:

Write and send your message:

If the Instagram account name you entered does not exist, the service will reply with an error:

We do not recommend overusing this functionality and using it for bulk messaging due to the high risk of being blocked for spam.