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Bitrix24 Integration Settings

The settings are displayed in the “Integration with CRM” tab after the integration is connected. If you have several channels connected, the integration for each channel must be configured separately.

1. Choose roles for employees

The role defines the employee’s rights: which chats they see and whether they can correspond with customers. There are three roles:

  • Quality control — checks the sales reps’ work. Sees all sales reps’ correspondence, but can’t write anything.
  • Sales rep — communicates with clients and handles deals. Can write only to the clients for which he is responsible in the CRM. They cannot see the correspondence of other sales reps.
  • Manager — manages and supervises large deals. They see the correspondence of all sales reps and can write to any client.

The “Choose” button opens a window with the selection of employee roles.

The “Receives new clients” slider gives the employee the right to participate in the distribution of new clients.

2. How to distribute new clients among sales reps from 1st settings item

The first responding sales reps receives a new client. When a new client writes, all sellers from item 1 of the settings will receive notifications.

The first responding seller will become responsible in CRM. All other sales reps will stop seeing messages from this client and will not be distracted by them.

If you indicated that the first responding seller receives a new client, all employees with the roles of “Sales reps” and “Manager” will receive a notification about the deal. From item 1 of the settings, the “Gets new clients” setting will disappear.   

Sales reps receive new clients in turn. 

When a new customer writes, the service will automatically make responsible one of the sellers who have the slider “Gets new clients” enabled in the setting item 1. Other sellers will not see messages from this client.

Thus, sales reps will receive new clients in turn and will not be distracted by other people’s correspondence.

In order to distribute clients in turn , you need to enable the slider “Gets new clients” in the setting item 1 for those employees on whom you need to create deals. If this is not done, no one will receive notification about new deal.

3. How to distribute new clients among your sales reps from step 2 of the settings

The first respondent — the fastest sales reps get clients. When a new client writes, all sales reps from step 2 who have the “receives new clients” slider enabled will get a notification. The one who replied will become responsible in the CRM. The other sales reps will no longer have this chat.

In turn — sales reps from step 2 will receive customers one by one. When a new client writes, only one sales rep will see the notification and he will be automatically assigned to the client in the CRM.

Additional settings

Additional settings apply to all channels at once.

1. Save messages to the lead, contact, and deal events feed

Media and documents will come as links that open in a new tab.

2. The numbers within your CRM that are written with an 8 are considered as beginning with a +7

We can only send a message to a number beginning with +7. Turn this setting on so you don’t have to change 8 to +7 in your CRM numbers.

Turn this setting off only if you have customers from Asia.

3. Notify managers of all messages

If the setting is enabled, notifications will be sent to the responsible persons in CRM and in the general chat. Employees with the “manager” role will receive push notifications in the mobile app for all clients, including those for which managers are not responsible in CRM.

If the setting is disabled, notifications will be sent to the responsible persons in CRM. If there are no responsible ones — to the general chat. Employees with the “manager” role will receive push notifications in the mobile app only for those clients for which they are responsible in CRM.

4. From which channel to write first

This settings item is for employees who have access to more than one WhatsApp channel. Select which channel the message will leave from if the employee texts the client first.


If you lack the functionality of the built-in integration, you can refine it with the API.

Add a channel to the Open Channels

Click the slider in the upper right corner to add the channel to the Open Channels.

So that from this channel you can write first to Open Channels:

1. Press the “Choose” button in step 2 of the settings.

2. Select the role for the employee in the appeared window and click “Apply”.

3. Click the “More” tab on the top panel.

4. Click “Choose” in step 4 of the settings “From which channel to write first”.

5. In the window that appears, select the channel you added to the Open Channel and click “Done”.

6. Done — you have added a channel to the Open Channels and configured the ability to write first.