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How to connect Instagram Personal

To start using the service – connect the channel.

1. Go to the Channels section of your Wazzup account → Add Channel.

2. Select Instagram → Instagram Personal.

3. Enter your proxy connection details. Connecting a proxy is worthwhile to reduce the risk of an account being banned. Or you can choose Instagram API and not bother with a proxy. This is the method we recommend.

Proxy requirements:

Only connect SOCKS type proxies. We use SOCKS because it hides the original IP address information - this makes it less likely that your Instagram account will be blocked. You can't add another type of proxy (e.g. HTTP).
Connect a proxy that matches your location. For example, if you use Instagram in Russia, you need Russian proxies. If you use a proxy from another country, Instagram will think you're being hacked - the likelihood of being blocked will only increase.

To connect proxies to Wazzup, you'll need:

  • IP address of the proxy,
  • port,
  • Username and password.

All these can be found in your proxy provider's personal account.

For example: - IP address, 53386 - port.

Be careful, you need to copy the port for SOCKS5, the port for the HTTP proxy will not work.

If you are aware of the risks and want to add an Instagram account without a proxy – click “Skip”.

4. Enter your Instagram account details: username or phone number, password. The username needs to start with “@”. For example, @iloveWazzup → “Add”.

Once added, Instagram will appear in the channel list and you’ll start receiving direct messages and comments to the posts.

To prevent salespeople from being distracted by comments like “I’ll help you make money on crypto” and to prevent “rubbish” deals being created in CRM, set up a comment filter or disable receiving them.

When you add your first Instagram channel, you have three days to test the service for free.

Once Instagram is connected, move on to setting up the integration Bitrix24amoCRMHubspotZoho.