Integration with PlanFix

To begin, create a channel. You can find out more about what a channel is in a separate article.

After that, go to the “Integrations” section in your Wazzup personal account and press the “Add integration” button. A window will appear. Choose “planfix”:

A data entry window will appear. Do not close it – you will soon need the authorization key.

Now log into PlanFix to create the integration. In PlanFix, in the top right corner, there is the menu icon. Go to the “Account management” section.

The settings menu will open on the left side:

— for WhatsApp, select the section “Integrations” → “Messengers” → “WhatsApp”,

— for Instagram, select the section “Integrations” → “Social media” → “Instagram”.

A menu to choose the integration type will appear. Click the toggle below the “WZ” logo.

A data entry window will open. In the same window, you can configure your templates. To complete the integration, you will need your authorization key. Go back to your Wazzup personal account and copy the key:

Then return to PlanFix. Enter the e-mail address to your Wazzup personal account in the first field – and your authorization key in the second. Press “Save”:

If all the fields have been filled in correctly, the icon will be surrounded with a green border and the toggle will become green:

Return to your Wazzup personal account and fill in the fields:

1. Copy the full PlanFix domain name from the address bar:

2. Choose the channel you want to integrate with PlanFix.

3. Press “Connect”.

After that, you will see a PlanFix entry in the list of integration. This means that the integration has been successful.