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PC application

Wazzup can be launched with a single click from the desktop or the quick launch bar. To do this, install the PC application.

The application can be downloaded through Google Chrome, Yandex.Browser or Microsoft Edge.

How to install

1. Open the browser on your computer, go to the Wazzup Web page.

2. Click on the download button of the application in the address bar.

Click “Install” on the browser prompt that pops up.

In Microsoft Edge, at this point you need to configure quick access: check the desired settings in the drop-down menu. Then you can not create a shortcut on the desktop.

The application will open immediately after installation.

4. Log in by the number indicated by the manager on the page “Mobile application” in the personal cabinet. Learn more about how to give employees access.

5. Add a shortcut to the desktop or pin the app to the quick access bar at the bottom of the screen. To do this, right-click the Wazzup icon — “Pin”.

Yandex.Browser: press ☰ in the application → «Advanced» → «More tools» → «Create shortcut».

Microsoft Edge: set up during the installation phase (point 3).

Google Chrome: the shortcut appears automatically.

For each new message, a beeper will pop up on top of all the windows and the number of unanswered messages will be displayed on the application icon. To make it work properly, make sure that notifications are enabled in your browser.

Yandex.Browser does not support the icon with the number of unanswered on the application icon. Only push notifications can be enabled.

Menu ☰ on the top panel in the application — "About the application" — "Get notifications from this site" setting. After enabling the setting, you need to refresh the page.

The "Menu" button in the top panel of the application — "About" — "Notifications".

The "Menu" button in the top panel of the application — "App permissions" — "Notifications" — "Allow".