Proxy for Instagram

Why do I need a proxy server?

A proxy reduces the likelihood of an account being blocked if you use multiple services for Instagram or work on Instagram from multiple devices that are geographically far apart.

For example, if one account is open in the app on your phone, connected to autoposting and to Wazzup, Instagram sees as if people are working from the same account in different cities or countries. Then Instagram can think you’re being hacked and will block the account.

When a proxy server is connected to your phone and services, all requests go to the proxy first and only then to Instagram. As a result, Instagram sees as if the user is working territorially in the same place.

Proxies won’t help you avoid unlogins. Instagram’s algorithms track automation and as soon as they suspect you’re using a third-party service, they “kick” you out.

A proxy won’t save you from being blocked for sending newsletters, publishing banned content, or other violations, so follow Instagram rules even if you have a proxy connected.

Each Instagram account needs its own proxy, because if more than one account works from the same proxy, Instagram’s algorithms may suspect spam. Then all accounts on that proxy will be blocked.

How to choose a proxy server

Only SOCKS type proxies can be connected to Wazzup. You cannot add another type of proxy (e.g. HTTP).

We use SOCKS because it hides your original IP address information, making it less likely that your Instagram account will be blocked.

Choose a proxy that matches your location. For example, if you use Instagram in Russia, you need Russian proxies. If you use a proxy from another country, Instagram will think you’re being hacked — the likelihood of being blocked will only increase.

What do you need to connect a proxy to Wazzup

You will need: Proxy IP address, port, username, password. All this can be found in the personal cabinet of the proxy service provider.
In the example below, is the IP address and 53386 is the port. Be careful, you need to copy the port for SOCKS5, the port for HTTP proxy will not work.

How to connect a proxy server to Wazzup

To an existing channel

  1. Go to the “Channels” section.
  2. Select the channel to which you want to connect the proxy → click the gear icon on the right and go to the channel settings.
  3. Click “Connect” in step 3.
  4. Enter proxy details → “Connect”.
  5. Save your settings.
  6. Done you’ve connected the proxy to your Instagram feed.

When creating a new channel

  1. Go to the “Channels” section.
  2. Click “Add Channel”.
  3. Select “Instagram”.
  4. Enter proxy details → “Continue”.
  5. Done you’ve added a proxy channel.

The proxy must be connected to all the devices and services through which you work on Instagram. You must use a separate proxy for each Instagram account.