Ban on Instagram

Instagram temporarily blocks or permanently bans users for violating community guidelines and automating. 

Temporary blocking can: 

  •  limit all actions of the account;
  •  Limit a specific action;
  •  Request a password change or identity verification.

For example, Instagram may prohibit you from posting for several days. In this case, you can post, comment, and perform other actions.

You can only know the duration of the temporary blocking in the notification that appears when you sign in to your account on Instagram site, or through the app. If you have been blocked, we can’t tell you how long the restrictions will last.

In the case of a ban, the user loses the account permanently — it will be deleted. Ban is obtained either for serious violations, or after several temporary blockings.

How to reduce the risk of being blocked

To reduce the likelihood of being blocked, you need to follow a few rules:

Don’t spam. Don’t send out messages or comments to users that they don’t expect to receive, users may report you to support. This will result in a ban, not an increase in sales.

Don’t send the same templates often. Instagram can block you for sending the same templates because it’s a sign of automation or spam. Try to personalize each message.

Be careful with templates that contain images. You can attach images to Wazzup templates, but on Instagram each image will be sent separately after the message, not together with the text. If the same content is sent too often, the system will block the user.

You don’t have to give up templates. Use templates, but use them intermittently so that your actions don’t look like spam.

Do not use bots or other automation. For example, send messages with a request to evaluate the manager’s work.

Connect a proxy server. If you’re using the same account from different devices or services, Instagram sees as if the account is being used in different cities or countries. Then Instagram may think someone is trying to hack you and ask you to verify your identity or change your password.

To reduce the chance of being blocked when using different services and devices, connect a proxy server. This way, Instagram will think that you are working geographically from the same location.

Post intermittently and don’t post too often. If you actively reply to comments and messages, Instagram may temporarily block your actions.

There is no official information about the limits, so we can’t say how often or how much you can text. There are different limits published online, but there’s no guarantee that you can avoid being blocked by following them.

Quick tips for handling messages and comments:

  • avoid mass mailings and personalize each message if possible;
  • use templates with time intervals, so your actions don’t look like spam;
  • turn off automation;
  • connect a proxy server;
  • don’t send messages and comments to users too often, but do it intermittently;

What to do in case of blocking

You will be automatically removed from the temporary blocking. If you are not unblocked after the time specified in the notification, contact Instagram support.

Do not perform repeated actions during the blocking, otherwise you will become suspicious again. Once you’re out of the block, start boosting your account gradually — abrupt activity will attract Instagram’s attention. 

It is unlikely that the account will be unblocked after a perpetual ban. If the page has been deleted, contact Instagram support. Write that the account is blocked and ask for an explanation of the reason for the ban. Examine it and provide evidence of the erroneous blocking. If you’ve really been spamming or posting, it’s not likely your account will be unblocked.

What to do after unblocking

Each account has hidden trust points, which determine the degree to which it adheres to Instagram’s internal policies. The lower the credibility of the service, the more restrictions it imposes on the profile. A score of zero leads to a total blocking of the account. If you notice a sharp decrease in audience engagement for no obvious reason or frequent blocking, we recommend reconsidering the usual methods of promotion and communication with the audience.

The degree of trust varies depending on your actions. Your main task is to show the artificial intelligence that the account user did all the actions himself:

  • if possible, logout from all third-party services for Instagram except Wazzup;
  • don’t be the first to write to Direct messages through our service. If a client has written to you in the comments, reply to them there as well;
  • be active in your account: share posts and stories.