Ban on WhatsApp

WhatsApp can get banned (spoiler: for mailings). The good news: the number can be unblocked. Let’s find out why WhatsApp gets banned, how to avoid being banned, and what to do if your account gets blocked.

Why WhatsApp gets banned

WhatsApp is designed to communicate with those closest to you. There are no strangers in WhatsApp contacts, so people check chats regularly and respond quickly to messages.

Businesses realized that messengers were tightly integrated into clients’ lives and started selling to WhatsApp. But Meta knows that if users are attacked by spam, cozy WhatsApp will turn into an email inbox. That’s why it monitors correspondence and bans anyone who even slightly resembles a spammer.

Who gets banned on WhatsApp

Accounts that users constantly complain about. WhatsApp offers to complain about those who annoy you with “favorable offers”. To do this, just click on “Spam”.

Suspicious accounts according to WhatsApp. How WhatsApp algorithms are set up and what they respond to only Meta knows. The main thing is that they work and send to the ban without warning.

So don’t be fooled by stories about someone making a mailing and not getting banned. WhatsApp algorithms work unpredictably. Someone will be lucky, and someone will get his promoted account disconnected. In the end: the number is blocked, and you spend time restoring the number instead of working.

How to avoid being banned for spam

Don’t do mailing lists. WhatsApp doesn’t ban for normal communication. Ten thousand companies work with us the problem with bans occurs in a few.

If you really need to send mailings, connect to WhatsApp Business API (WABA). If your mailing is not appreciated by clients, the number will not immediately go to the ban Meta will block the template you sent. You’ll be able to figure out exactly what the problem is, fix it, and continue sending messages, but already without customer complaints about them.

👉 How WABA works and why the official integration is good

What to do if you were banned

Don’t panic. You only need to contact WhatsApp support. Ask why the number was banned and promise not to do it again.

When the number is unbanned, don’t connect it to Wazzup right away. In order not to get a second ban, within a day, correspond in WhatsApp from your phone. 10-15 active chats are enough.

If you did not get your number back

You will have to re-register to WhatsApp from another number.

It’s better to register in WhatsApp from a phone that has never been banned. At the moment when the number is banned, WhatsApp already has your data: IP address, IMEI of the mobile device. The IMEI is the unique identifier of the sim card slot or modem. IMEI cannot be reset. Consequently, a previously banned mobile device is more susceptible to being banned again.

1 Delete the banned WhatsApp or WhatsApp Business app.

2. Disable your Wi-Fi (if you were banned while connected to it, this Wi-Fi is now compromised).

3. Restart the phone and connect using your mobile Internet connection.

If you did not have a SIM card inserted, insert it now and connect using your mobile Internet connection. If you had a SIM card inserted, it is necessary to restart your mobile Internet connection. Upon restarting, a new connection is established. You get assigned to a new cell and a new IP address.

4. Download and install the WhatsApp or WhatsApp Business app using this mobile Internet connection.

5. Sign up with a new phone number while using your mobile Internet connection; To sign up with a new phone number, you do not have to physically change your SIM card.

You can:

  • Use a number of another mobile device. At the confirmation stage, when a message is sent to the number, just enter this code in the WhatsApp application run on the device you are going to use.
  • Connecting WhatsApp Business. You can sign up for it using any phone number including virtual PBX. In this case, instead of sending a message, the service will call you via a bot and dictate the code.

6. After this, you should communicate within the app in the same way. Ten chats are enough. These should be real live chats.

7. After 24 hours have passed, scan the QR-code using your mobile Internet connection.

8. After connecting to Wazzup, send a couple of messages to check that everything is working correctly.

9. Finally, you can connect using Wi-Fi.

What else you can do to avoid getting banned

1. Correspond in the messenger from your phone before you connect WhatsApp to the service. It is enough to chat with 10-15 people within a day.

2. Do not use emulators imitation Android for PC. WhatsApp has the technical ability to distinguish the phone from the emulator. If you fool around and WhatsApp notices the number will be irrevocably banned, no tearful letters to support will not help.