Change the channel for sending messages

You can use the webhook to change the channel from which messages are sent:

1. Go to “Deals” on the left panel of Kommo.

2. Select “Setup” in the upper right corner.

3. Click on the empty box in the stage you want to add the webhook to, then “+ Add Trigger”

4. Type “Wazzup” in the search bar of the modal window that opens and click “Add”:

5. Select the condition that triggers the webhook:

If you want the webhook to work on the clients that are already in this funnel, check the “Apply the trigger to all leads already in this stage” box.

6. Enter a message:

If you leave the message field empty, the chat will be created, but no message will be sent to the client.

7. Enter the phone number of the new channel for correspondence. If the channel number is entered incorrectly or this channel is deleted from the service, the message will not be sent. The deal will receive an error message.