Channel logs

In your Wazzup account, there is a feature that will help you find the cause of failures you might encounter, e.g. why your WhatsApp messages are not being sent or “freeze”. This feature is channel logs.

How to view the logs?

Go to your account and click the name of any channel in the list. Its logs will appear in the right part of the screen.

What is included in log entries

Logs include all changes that have occurred with the channel since it started working. Three main categories:

  • Renaming the channel – includes the old name, the new name, and the date of renaming;
  • Changing the price plan – the old and the new plans;
  • Channel status.

Channel statuses in logs will help you find and troubleshoot problems with it.

Find the cause of failure in the logs

Keep in mind that a WhatsApp channel within Wazzup will work only if your client has a smartphone with the messenger installed on it. It should be connected to the Internet at all times. When there are problems with the connection or the device, it can be seen in the way statuses change – the statuses progressions.

Basic Wazzup statuses:

Status Clarification
Active Everything is working as it should be. No problems found.
Disabled You disconnected the channel from the service. To enable it, enter editing mode and press “Enable the channel”.
Unpaid The money deposited to the channel has been used up
Scan the QR code Appears for channels if and only if the “Log out from all devices” button has been pressed.
Enable here Someone has logged into WhatsApp Web using this number
Phone not available The phone’s battery has gone dead or the Internet connection is has been lost

If the channel status changes more than once in a minute from “Active” to “Phone not available”, it means that there are some problems with the Internet connection.

The cause can be the phone itself, the router, or the connection speed (bandwidth). Check all of these in order.

  1. The phone. Test the device thoroughly. We describe how to do it in a separate article.
  2. The router. If all the devices connected to the router are slow, the router can be the cause of problems. Reboot the router: unplug it, wait 30 seconds, and then plug it in again. Other possible causes of router problems include outdated firmware, cable defects, and incorrect settings. If you are good with electronics, you could try fixing the problem yourself, using the Internet. Be sure to check how many wireless connections to a home network your router supports. If there are too many devices, they will be “kicked out” one after another.
  3. The bandwidth. Test your connection speed a few times. You can use any service you like, for example, this one. If the speed changes with every test or periodically drops to zero, then it’s a sign to reach out to your provider. You might also want to check what other Internet providers have to offer.

The “Disabled” status means that the channel has been disabled through the settings. In your account, go to the “Channels” settings, choose the channel you need and then “Edit” → “Enable”.

If you see the “Scan the QR code” status, open the link and scan the code from your Wazzup account.

The “Enable here” status means that someone has logged into WhatsApp Web using this number. To continue working, click the button that appears: at this moment, you will be automatically logged out elsewhere.

If you haven’t found the answer to your question in the logs or don’t know how to interpret them, please, contact the Wazzup support team.