Configure Open Channel

General settings

1. Go to the “Contact Center” on the left panel of Bitrix24. 

2. Click on “Wazzup: WhatsApp” or “Wazzup: Telegram”

3. Click the “Configure” button in the window that appeared to the right of the “Open Channel” item.

4. Fill in the settings in the “Queue” section. To do this, you need to create roles and set access rights.

5. Leave the option “Use employee user profile” in the drop-down menu “Agent information” so that each outgoing message will automatically have a signature with the manager’s name. This setting will be useful if several managers from different departments work with the client at the same time and the correspondence is conducted from the same number. So the client will understand with which manager he is communicating within the general dialogue.
The manager’s name is taken from Bitrix24. The signature with the name will not appear in the manager’s chat, but will appear in the customer’s chat.
Change this setting to “Hide agent information” if the client does not need to know which manager is answering him. In this case, outgoing messages will not have a signature with the manager’s name.

Automatic signature with the name of the manager in the customer dialogue

6. Go to the “Automatic Actions” section.

7. Disable the “Send an automatic reply to the first message of a customer” setting to avoid spamming customers who will write on WhatsApp, Telegram and Instagram.

8. Click “Save”.

9. Done — you have made basic settings for an Open Channel.