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Wazzup templates

Templates are messages you prepare beforehand that you can send through Wazzup Chats. These help accelerate communication with clients, free your employees from having to create repetitive messages by hand, and eliminate the possibility of errors or misprints in communication.

How to create a template

Go to your Wazzup personal account. Proceed to the “Message templates” section. Click the “Add template” button.

A window will appear. Input the template’s name (only you will be able to see it).

Put the text you would like to use into the message field and save the template.

The resulting message will be displayed in the templates list. You can then delete or edit it if you need. There are no limits for the number of templates.

How to send a template

To send a template, go to the chats or open the Wazzup Chat in your CRM. Choose the contact you would like to send a message to. Then you need to open the list of templates. There are two ways to do this.

Way #1. To the left of the text field, press the icon with the image of three horizontal lines. A list with all the templates will pop up.

Way #2. Type a slash – “/” – in the text field. This will invoke the template list.

When using the second approach, you can choose the template you need not only by hovering the cursor but also by using arrows on your keyboard.

Also, when using the second approach, template search is available. After typing a slash, start typing any word from a template’s name. The system will filter the list leaving only the entries you were looking for.

To send the message, press Enter or the icon with the image of a plane.

As a result, your client will get a message in a regular format.

Additional features


You can use emoji in your templates. To insert them, click the button with the image of a smiley face. It is located to the left of the text field. Choose an emoji and close the pop-up window.


Your templates can contain files and media up 50 MB in size. To attach them, click the button with the image of a paper clip.

You can also add a file by dragging it from an open folder in your file explorer or from your desktop.

You can add several files to a single template. If you need to change their order, left-click, hold, and drag.

When you send a message with attachments, your client receives the text first, and then the files, separately. The order is left to right.

You can change the order before sending: also by holding the mouse button. However, in this case, the changes will only be applied to this one message, not to the template itself.

Template order when sending

Open the list of ready-made messages in the “Message templates” section. To the left of a template’s name, there is a button. If you drag it, you can move the template within the list.

The order of templates in the “Message templates” section determines in what order these will pop up when invoking the list in a chat.