Wazzup chat interface

Wazzup chat is an additional interface inside CRM with dialogues. It is modeled after the WhatsApp interface to make it easy to use.
In any CRM system and in your personal account, it looks like this:

Message status

In Wazzup chats, you can see message statuses analogous to WhatsApp. One gray tick means “sent”; two grey ticks mean “received”; two green ticks mean “read”. The waiting animation means that the message is being processed. If this status persists for more than two minutes, please, contact the support.


In Wazzup Chats, you can quote others when replying to them in WhatsApp. To do this, press the arrow to the right of the incoming message. After that, enter your reply and send it.

The quote of your message is sent from the channel from which it was written. For example, if you correspond from the  “Sales” channel, but quote your message sent from the “Support” channel, the quote will be sent from the “Support” channel.

Quickly switching between deals

The Wazzup Chat allows you to quickly switch among a client’s deals (including closed ones). The switch button is located inside the dialogue. To open a page in a new tab, hold Ctrl before clicking. In Kommo and Bitrix24, you can add a new deal using this button.

Information about recipients and outgoing channels

You can see the channel the message was received from and the channel the reply was sent from. You can set the channel name in the Channel settings in your Wazzup account.

If you have multiple channels connected, you can choose the one to reply from. The outgoing channel switch is located in the bottom right corner.


The Wazzup chat supports native WhatsApp emoji. Click the icon in the bottom left corner to open the tab with all the smileys.