Wazzup mobile app for Bitrix24

For Huawei devices, you can download the application by following this link.

The Wazzup mobile app replicates the functionality of the Wazzup personal account chats.

In the app you can receive and send messages, media, documents, voice messages, templates and emoji.

How to start using

Before installing the mobile app, add CRM integration and assign roles to employees in the integration settings.

When you add employees to roles, they will automatically receive a text message with an invitation to the mobile application.

If the employee’s phone number was not specified or was specified incorrectly, the invitation will not be sent to him and he will not be able to enter the application.

Go to the Mobile App tab of the Wazzup personal account.

Click on the pencil icon next to the name of the employee with the status of “No phone specified”. In the window that opens, enter the phone number and click “Save and invite”. A text message with an invitation will automatically be sent to the user.

Along with sending an invitation user gets access to the mobile application and his status changes to “Invited”.

If the user with the status “Invited” lost SMS with the link, copy the link at the top of the page and send it any way you like: in messenger, by SMS, by e-mail.

If the user is not invited and he downloaded the app from the link, he won’t be able to enter it.

When you follow the link, the user will get to the installation page of the Wazzup application on Google Play or App Store.

To log in to the mobile app, you need to enter the same number that you texted the invitation to.

Once an employee logs in to the app, their status will change to “Already using”. The “Was online” column will show the date of the last login to the application.

Message notifications

Each person responsible for a contact, lead, or deal will receive push notifications about new messages. If no responsible person is assigned, the message notification will go to all managers who have the “Receives new clients” slider enabled in step 2 of the integration settings “Choose roles for employees”. If the additional setting in step 3 “Notify managers of all messages” is enabled, notifications will also be sent to all employees with the role of “manager”.

If the channel is connected to Open Channels, notifications about messages will not be sent to the mobile application.