Wazzup chats in HubSpot

Wazzup Chats is a conversation window from which you can correspond with clients on WhatsApp, Instagram, Telegram and VK.

You can use Wazzup chats:

— in CRM by opening a chat window;

— from your phone by installing the mobile app;

— from your personal Wazzup account.

Regardless of where you open Wazzup chats, they look equally stylish and have the same functionality.

Wazzup chat has the classic messenger look, with a list of chats on the left and a correspondence box on the right. In the mobile app, there is a list of chats on the home screen, and when you click on it, a dialog box opens.

General chat

There are two types of Wazzup chats: general and individual. The general chat shows all dialogs available to the employee, and the individual chat shows dialogs with those contacts who are in the deal.

What dialogs will be displayed in the general chat of the employee, you determine in the integration settings. You can use the general chat in the CRM, personal account, and mobile app.

To enter the general chat, click the message icon in the top bar:

Individual chat

You can open the Wazzup widget with an individual chat from the contact and deal cards. If you opened this chat from a contact card, the correspondence with that contact will be displayed there. If you opened this chat from a deal card, the correspondence with the contacts involved in the deal will be displayed there.

Sorting chats

The chats in the left panel are not lined up by the time of messages. At the top of the list are chats with clients who have not received a reply. Such sorting helps not to miss the correspondence in the general flow.

In the mechanics of Wazzup there are no “unread” messages, only “unanswered”. To make the message notification disappear you need to reply to the client or press the “no reply required” button — a red envelope to the right of the text input line. No dialogue with a client who has not been answered can disappear from the list of chats due to inattention.

When there are no unanswered messages in the dialogue, the envelope will turn gray and a green arrow will appear next to it.

Group chats

Group chats appear in the general Wazzup chat. They can be seen by anyone who has access to the chat window. By default, group chats are disabled. You can turn them on in the “Integration” section of your personal account settings.

Group chats do not create a separate lead, contact or deal and are not attached to them. Messages from group chats will not be displayed in the cards.

Message status

Wazzup chats show message status similar to WhatsApp. One gray checkmark — sent; two gray checkmarks — delivered; two green checkmarks — read.

“Clock” means that the message is being processed. If this status hangs for more than two minutes, please contact support. Exclamation mark in a circle — the message has not been sent. Hover your mouse cursor over the exclamation mark icon — a tooltip describing the error will appear.


In Wazzup chats, you can send a reply by quoting the person you’re chatting with. To do this, click on the arrow to the right of the incoming message.

Fast switching between deals

The Wazzup chat in CRM has the ability to quickly navigate through client’s deals, including completed ones.

Click the “suitcase” icon to the right of the text entry bar.

To open the page in a new tab, press Ctrl before clicking. You can also use this button to add a new deal.


Wazzup chat supports native WhatsApp emoji. Click on the icon in the bottom left corner to open a tab with all the emoticons.


In the bottom left corner of the panel there is a button with the image of a paper clip. It is used for sending files. Besides files and pictures from the client it is possible to receive geomarks in the form of a link to googlemaps, voice messages and contact cards in the form of text.

Message templates

You can create message templates in your personal Wazzup account. They help reduce the response time, save managers from writing one-type messages manually, exclude possible mistakes or typos of specialists. You can attach media to the template.

Use ready-made messages to explain the route map, send pricelists, instructions.

To send a template, click the document icon at the bottom left of the client dialogue panel and select the desired template from the list.