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How to choose a price plan

Tariffs for WhatsApp, Instagram, Telegram Personal channels Ability to write first Number of dialogues  Voice transcription
Start up to 100
Pro +

There’s no ability to write first on Instagram

up to 500
Max +

There’s no ability to write first on Instagram

 no limits +
Tariffs for Telegram Bot Ability to write first Number of dialogues Voice transcription
Free up to 500
Pro no limits +

Choosing a plan for the WABA channel is much easier — there’s only one. The plan is called WABA:

  • you can write first,
  • the number of dialogues per month is not limited,
  • voice transcription is available.

How to choose a price plan

Step one: if you are choosing a tariff for WhatsApp, Instagram, Telegram Personal channels, decide whether you need to write to the client first. If yes, then the Start tariff will not work. 

Step two: Calculate how many leads you have per month. The number of leads must be less than the number of dialogues on the tariff, otherwise, you will not be able to correspond with all clients from Wazzup. 

A dialogue is a conversation in which there was at least one outgoing message. For example, if you wrote to a client first, all your correspondence with this client until the end of the month will be considered 1 dialogue.

For example, you connect WhatsApp. If you have an average of up to 500 leads per month, then the Pro tariff will suit you. And if more — Pro will not be enough, it is better to choose the Max tariff.

The selected tariff can be purchased for a month, six months or a year. If you pay for 6 months at once — 10% discount, for a year — 20% discount. You can see the current prices on the Wazzup website or when adding a subscription in your account.

How do I check if I have enough dialogue?

The number of dialogues used can be tracked in the Wazzup personal account in the channel settings: “Channels” → Go to the channel card → “Counter” tab.

The column on the right shows the number of new dialogues per day, and on the left — how many dialogues there are in total this month. If you are approaching the dialogue limit, a recommendation to upgrade to a higher tariff will appear in the “Comment” column.

Will I overpay if I raise the tariff?

No, to switch to a higher tariff, you need to pay the difference in cost. We will take the money only for the remaining period of use of the service, and not for the entire month.

Please note: if you extend the period of use of the same tariff in the middle of the month, it will not add 100 or 500 dialogues, the counter will be updated only at the beginning of the next month. To add dialogues, it is necessary to change the tariff.

How to pay for the service

Go to the “Subscriptions” section of the Wazzup personal account, click “Add subscription”. Select the desired messenger, the number of channels, the tariff and the period of use of the service you want to pay for.