Integrate Wazzup with your service and earn 50% commission from your clients

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Whitelable Integration

Marketplace Integration

Connect your CRM via API in a transparent way

Connect Wazzup to clients and get 50% commission

When you become our technical partner, you get 50% commission for each client you bring to us

Annual results of our partners:

Our Advantageous

Seamless message delivery in WhatsApp & WABA

Priority support
for your requests

Free subscriptions
for your company

Enhanced CRM efficiency
for you & your clients

How to become a partner

Market leadership &
Improved CRM communication


You will receive half the payment of all customers: new and those to whom you have configured the service before.

You will accept money from the client, immediately keep the reward for yourself and pay for the service.
  • Free WhatsApp and Instagram. And for partners with more than 10 clients – also WhatsApp Business API.
  • Personal manager.
  • Certificates that can be posted on the website or sent to the client.
  • Meetings with company management. At meetings, you can influence the development of the service.
Then you will receive 20% of the client’s payments within a year from the moment of his registration. If you start supporting the user again and renew his subscriptions, you will earn up to 50%, as before.
  1. Connects a client, configures his integration.
  2. Accepts payment of IE for the user from the partner account.
  3. Customer support: helps to understand the service and answers questions.
  4. When the subscription ends, invoices the renewal and returns to step 2.
We will teach you how to present the service and give you materials that will help you sell Wazzup even to “cold” clients. If you have questions about specific cases, you can always come to our manager for advice. We also hold meetings where we discuss your questions.
We do not abandon partners – the support responds within 5 minutes and works 24/7. If you have questions about the promotion of the service and sales, our manager will help you figure it out. You can also discuss setting up the service with Wazzup staff and great partners like you in the partner chat.
If you are helping an existing Wazzup client and he does not work with another partner, you can attach him to yourself through support.
All clients of the partner receive a bonus of 10 dollars upon registration.

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