WhatsApp, Telegram, email, groups in VK and Facebook

To subscribe where are you conveniently

WhatsApp. Support lives here

Important: don't call, no one will answer. For the sake of productivity, support works in writing, so you can send a link or screenshot instead of "hanging on the line" and "waiting a minute for clarification".
We sell a solution for WhatsApp and use It ourselves!

Telegram for all occasions

Support bot: @wazzup_support_bot
Group for the show: wazzup_talk

News channel: @wazzup24

E-mail for conservatives

And for those who just don't like chats, we have email

Write to the address:

We also have social networks

On YouTube, we post all sorts of video instructions, and there is Instagram (just in case). Subscribe where convenient.

Wazzup 2017-2020

Wazzup 2017-2020

Wazzup 2017-2020

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