Ideas for Instagram

April 19, 2024
6 минут

How to Achieve the Engagement Boost and Enhance Instagram Story Views and Interaction

In the vibrant world of Instagram, finding innovative ways to captivate your audience and boost engagement is key to standing out. Discover the expert strategies and creative ideas to enhance your Instagram story views and interactions in our guide.

Table of Content

  1. How to choose a username on Instagram
  2. Ideas for Instagram posts
  3. Instagram Stories: Your Personal Diary or Self-Presentation?
  4. Conclusion

How to Choose Instagram Username

Your Instagram username is your business card. It should be memorable and reflect your personal style or the theme of your account – even containing no more than 30 characters of letters, numbers, and symbols. Being a unique identifier that helps make your account more discoverable on the platform, it should be simple, creative, consistent and suitable for your current long-term goals. Approximately every 6-months period, Instagram users may witness a new wave of trends in Instagram username ideas: from references to songs and verses to minimalistic name-surname option. The same dynamics are relevant for the blog name: for example, it was fashionable once to put keywords instead of the authors’ name. There is a variety of ways to use symbols in Instagram bio to reflect the personality as well.

Ideas for Instagram Posts

To increase the appeal of your profile, it’s important to keep your content up-to-date. A variety of posts will help you attract new followers and retain old ones. Posts can be about intriguing topics, creative work or everyday situations. The key is to be original and interesting to your audience, and to keep a certain rhythm to your posts. You can update your feed infrequently, but regularly: for example, if you choose to publish 1 post per week, have it on a specific day when your followers are used to checking your page. It’s important to match the release date with the period when your audience is most active on your page to maximise reach.

Instagram Stories: Your Personal Diary or Self-Presentation?

You’ve dedicated significant time to creating and refining your Stories, only to have a few viewers? Here are some strategies to increase your Instagram Story views, ensuring that the effort you invest pays off for your brand and business. Stories have become one of the main tools on Instagram nowadays. One way to make as many of your followers see Instagram stories as possible is to use interactive features, create polls  and hold live broadcasts. It is proven that this builds a close contact with the audience and boosts Instagram story views.


So, the right username, interesting posts and engaging Stories are key to a successful Instagram presence. Follow our tips, experiment, and don’t forget to engage your audience. Success won’t be long in coming if you make your account unique and interesting for other users.