Integration with WhatsApp for

  • От 500 рублей в месяц за аккаунт WhatsApp или Telegram
  • Простая интеграция WhatsApp и Telegram с аmoCRM и Битрикс
  • Подключение за 5 минут без разработчиков и черной магии
Your clients will be able to correspond in WhatsApp directly from your system. The client is comfortable → the client is satisfied → the client pays.
And you can write to customers on WhatsApp?

Benefits of Wazzup integration

White label

We don’t show our logos in the interfaces and we don’t lead your customers to sign up for Wazzup. For customers, the integration with WhatsApp is entirely your product.

Short and clear API

Our api has what you need. All available methods and functions are described in the doc. Let me know if you need anything else to work – we’ll discuss it, we’ll finish it.


We don’t care when customers pay you. Collect payment when it’s convenient for you – you’ll pay us by one check at the end of the month.

Set of ready-made interfaces

In addition to a set of methods, you can take elaborate interfaces on the web sockets, which covers the usual user cases: voice messages, quoting, etc.

Free pricing

Your prices are your business. You can sell WhatsApp above the market, you can sell it below, or you can include the cost of integration in your rate.

Personal support

We’ll assign you a personal manager and a developer. All questions will be answered quickly and to the point.

Zero burden on accounting

We’ll take care of all our settlements and paperwork on us. All you have to do at the end of the month is look at the paperwork and pay the bill, by card or by bank transfer, as you like.

To become Wazzup partner text Inna, partner relations manager
To become Wazzup partner text Ivan, partner relations manager.