Infobusiness: how to bring more people to a webinar

March 12, 2024
6 минут

The company doesn’t have a sales department. Clients register on the website, leaving their email for communication. On average, about 1000 people sign up for the meetings, but in reality, fewer attend. Notifications work inefficiently since the mailbox is spammed, making it necessary to specifically search for the email.

To bring more people to the webinar, it is necessary to increase the open rate of notifications. To achieve this, we change the communication channel: instead of using email, we utilize integration with the WhatsApp API.

Infobusinesses can harness the ubiquitous presence and simplicity of WhatsApp to boost the number of participants in webinars. As a widely used messaging platform, WhatsApp offers direct and personalized communication channels, making it an excellent medium for reaching out to potential attendees. One effective strategy is creating buzz through dedicated WhatsApp groups or broadcasts.

Statistics show that the open rate for emails is 25%, while for WhatsApp it’s 95%. If a message is sent through integration with the WhatsApp API, 70% more people will see it. Let’s calculate the costs: for one webinar, three template messages are needed: a reminder a day, an hour, and 5 minutes before the start. Sending one template through WhatsApp API integration costs 4 rubles. In total, it’s 12 rubles per person. The registration price will increase by 12 rubles, but the open rate of messages will double.


  1. Implement integration with the WhatsApp API.
  2. Collect participants’ phone numbers upon registration.
  3. Send reminders in WhatsApp with an active link a day, an hour, and 5 minutes before the start.

Not integrate with WhatsApp Web, why:

WhatsApp can ban for mass notifications. If mass notifications are sent through integration with the WhatsApp API, the account will not be banned.

Here are some more tips for companies on how you can use WhatsApp effectively.

1. Start by crafting an engaging invitation message that highlights the webinar’s value and unique selling points.
2. Share this with your contacts, and encourage forwarding to extend reach organically.
3. To further captivate interest, create short, informative teaser videos or graphics about the webinar content, and disseminate these through the platform, demonstrating the actionable insights that attendees can anticipate.
4. Moreover, WhatsApp can serve as a platform for engaging with attendees post-webinar to maintain the relationship and build community.
5. After the event, send a follow-up message thanking them for their presence and provide additional resources or recordings related to the webinar topic.

Encourage participants to share their learnings or takeaways in the group, stimulating engagement, and establishing a network which can be pivotal for future events. By using WhatsApp not only as a promotional tool but also as a medium for creating a lasting educational ecosystem, infobusinesses can convert webinar attendees into a loyal and engaged audience, eager to participate in future events.