#16: Analytics, mobile app and WABA templates

January 16, 2023
6 минут

We’ve got another set of goodies – analytics with message stats and other stuff have appeared in Wazzup, our mobile app supports Avito chats now, and sending WABA templates got a little bit easier – with no more need to attach files every time you send it.

About this and much more – in our new changelog.

Analytics for executives is now available in Wazzup

Now you can find a new button in personal account, where you can check correspondence analytics. It is also available to employees with the “Manager” role in the window with all chats in CRM (our widget).

Analytics will help you find out:

▪️ how quickly sales reps respond to customers,

▪️ how much employees text,

▪️ how often customers write first, and how often sales reps.

The numbers will help you understand how to improve the quality of chats with clients, and will make the work of the manager easier. Now you can quickly check the dialogues and more accurately assess the load on sales reps.

👉 Some tips on how you can use analytics. If you like it – you can take it 😘

Update for mobile app

In new version we’ve added:

  • Support for Avito chats. Add a channel in your Wazzup account to chat about your ads from our app.
  • Error ID in the notification – in cases if some kind of error occurred. Copy it and pass it on to support so the guys can solve the problem faster.

Kommo: Wazzup widget in Salesbot learned to change from “+8” to “+7”

How it worked before: if in the integration settings (Integration with CRM menu, tab “More”) it was specified that the “8” at the beginning of the number is taken into account as “+7”, our widget in Salesbot ignored this setting anyway. The vicious 8 remained in place, messages to clients didn’t really send, an error notification appeared.

How it works now: now the widget in Salesbot can also change “8” to “+7”, errors, which are connected to phone numbers, won’t disturb you anymore 🙂

Files remain in WABA templates

When you create a WABA template with an attachment, the mediafile will be immediately attached to the template, which will be sent to customers.

How it worked before: if the sales rep chose a template with media from the list, it didn’t have a previously attached attachment. You had to add the same file every time.

How it works now: when the sales rep selects the WABA template, the attachment will already contain the media that was attached before moderation.

If the media needs to be replaced, this can be done, just like previously – before sending the template. Delete the attached file and select the one you need.

Wazzup widget in Salesbot and activity in Business Processes sends pictures

How it worked before: if the sales rep tried to send a picture without text via Wazzup widget with Business Processes or Salesbot, it couldn’t work. The message didn’t send, an error notification appeared.

How it works now: We’ve fixed it. Pictures are sent as they should.

WABA: we’re explaining now what’s wrong with message

How it worked before: if the sales rep sent a message with more characters than Whatsapp allowed, it would hang with the “watch” status. To figure out what was the reason, you had to knock on our support.

How it works now: now we show a notification that the text needs to be shortened.

That’s all for now, folks. Stay tuned to our newswire to keep up with our updates. 

Hugs to everyone :*