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Mobile application

The Wazzup mobile app allows managers to text customers from anywhere. Even when they’re hanging out at the water cooler. All correspondence will remain in the CRM.

Benefits of the Wazzup mobile app

Intuitive interface. Wazzup Web has a classic messenger interface — the salesperson doesn’t need to learn how to use it. Everything is simple, clear and familiar.

Support for all messenger features: quoting messages when replying, emoji, sending pictures, videos, documents and voice messages.
Salespeople can use everything they are used to in Whatsapp.

The salesman won’t miss any messages from clients. If a salesperson reads a message and gets distracted, the notification won’t disappear and the dialog with the client won’t be lost. Notification will disappear only when the sales rep responds to the client.

Messages of clients who need to be answered are always visible. There are always “unanswered” at the top of the chat list.
The manager doesn’t need to waste time searching for conversations with clients who are waiting for an answer.

The salesperson sees when the client has received and read the message. One gray checkmark — sent; two gray checkmarks — delivered; two green checkmarks — read. The employee knows whether the customer has read the message or not, and understands how to continue building a dialog with him or her.

Templates that save sellers’ time. Customers ask the same questions, and salespeople write the same answers. Meanwhile, they waste time writing them every time.

Templates will save sales reps from typing the same messages, and employees will be able to spend more time on sales, not on keyboard clacking.

There is no separate app for your personal account. But you can access your Wazzup account from your mobile browser.

3 steps to start using the app

Step 1

Go to the “Integration with CRM” section and select the roles for employees in step 1.

Step 2

Go to the Mobile App section of the Wazzup personal account.

Add a phone number to employees with the status “No phone specified”: click on the pencil icon next to the employee’s name → enter the number → click “Save and invite”.

Step 3

The user will receive a text message with an invitation. Along with sending the invitation, access to the mobile application is given and its status changes to “Invited”.

The link will take the user to the Wazzup application installation page in one of the marketplaces.

Please note

If a user with the status of “Invited” has lost the SMS, copy the link at the top of the page and send it in any convenient way: in a messenger, by SMS, by email. If the invitation wasn’t sent and the employee downloaded the application, he won’t be able to enter it.

Check that everything worked out

Once an employee logs in to the app, their status will change to “Already using”. The “Was online” column will show the date of the last login to the application.