How to connect service notifications

Set up notifications so you can quickly fix things if your integration fails, your channel drops, or your subscription runs out.

1. Open the Notifications section of your Wazzup account.

2. Follow the link or scan the QR code. Use your phone camera or a QR-scanning app to scan the code.

If the notifications need to be connected to another employee, send them the link.

3. When the link is clicked, a chat room with the bot will be opened. Click “Start” if you’re using a phone. Or “Launch” if you’re using a desktop version.

4. Your Telegram username will appear in the “Notification configuration for” list. All notifications will be enabled by default.

Notifications for the “Subscriptions” section

These notifications will come 7 days in advance, 3 days in advance, and one day before your subscription expires.

Enable these notifications for the employee responsible for paying for the service. For example, an accountant.

Notifications for the “Integration with CRM” section

These notifications will come if the integration stops working.

Connect these notifications to someone who has access to your personal Wazzup account.

Notifications for channels

Notifications will come if something happens to the channel and it stops working. Turn on notifications to the person in charge of your personal account.

When you’ve set up all the notifications, click “Save”.