How to give employees access to applications

Your employees can communicate with customers not only in Wazzup CRM chats, but also in our applications:

  • in mobile app
  • in PC application — it works from a computer desktop
  • in Wazzup Web — it is a dialog box in the browser

Employees can use either one application or all of them at once.

👉 Which Wazzup app is right for you

  1. Go to the “CRM Integration” section → “Select roles”. You will see a modal window with a list of employees. There you will also find hints on how to assign roles and what they mean. If you have several channels, select the roles for employees on each of them.
  2. Go to the “Mobile Application” section. You will see a list of all employees. Employees with the status “No phone specified” do not have access to Wazzup applications yet, they are the ones we are interested in.
  3. To give access, click on the pencil to the right of the employee’s name → enter the employee’s phone number (SMS codes will be sent to it to log in) → “Change”. The employee’s status will change to “Accessed”.
  4. SMS with a link to download the mobile application will be sent to the specified phone. The employee can use the link to install the application and log in using the phone number that you specified.

    There is a limitation: SMS will be sent to only 20 employees. If the employee would not receive an SMS, ask him to download the Wazzup mobile application via the link

    👉 Instructions for employees: how to install and set up applications

  5. After the employee logs into the mobile application, Wazzup Web or PC application, the employee’s status will change to “Already using”. The date of the last login will appear to the right in the “Was online” column.