How to Avoid Getting Banned on WhatsApp or Instagram

January 12, 2021
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Social networks and instant messengers are fighting for quality content and live communication. Spam, chatbots, and automation of any process inside WhatsApp or Instagram do not meet these criteria. Therefore, if you use any of these tools, services will punish you as a violator and block your account.


Spam is a mass mailing to people who are not waiting for your messages. You should consider that recipients may not be in the right mood. They could be suspicious of messages from unknown accounts or not interested in your product at all. That is why some of the users may consider newsletters or even a personalized message as spam. If users have repeatedly complained about mailing, the service filters will analyze your account activity.


Spammers are detected and blocked by artificial intelligence when it notices abnormal user behaviour. For example, if you dispatch 200 messages in 10 seconds, algorithms will see this as the connection to third-party services.


Of course, the mailing can be useful. People would be glad to know about the liquidation of the online store of household appliances and a discount up to 80%. The offer could bring you 100+ leads. However, it is highly unlikely that your manager will be able to serve all comers. The majority of people will be disappointed with your service and never come back.


Basically, CRM systems support the function of sending messages. However, any attempt to automate messages dispatch will work without the consent of WhatsApp and Instagram developers. If their algorithms detect the automation process, the account will be banned. All responsibility for the consequences of implementing the automatic mailing goes to a person who decided to implement it. You should remember that automated mailing is a violation of the WhatsApp Terms of Service and Instagram Terms of Use.

How robots detect spam

WhatsApp and Instagram mailing recognition systems analyze:

  • The number of messages per unit time

Artificial Intelligence knows it is impossible to write several long letters manually and then dispatch them to various chats simultaneously or in 2-3 seconds. Also, WhatsApp recognizes mailing to numbers that are not in your contact list and consider this as a spam activity.

  • Hash-function recognize spam

Hash-function is an algorithm that counts all the symbols in a message. If you send a lot of messages with identical hash sums, algorithms will consider it as spam, and your account will be blocked.

  • The amount of information in the message

Algorithms of Instagram and WhatsApp know how many kilobytes are in this message. They understand if it is possible to manually make a message with this amount of data.

How to avoid being suspected in spam-mailing

There are several rules you should know while working with mailing. They will secure you from being banned by Instagram or WhatsApp.

  • Do not send identical messages in a short time period

Evaluate each action from the point of view of a live dialogue: whether it is possible to do it manually for the same period of time. If not, you need to change your approach. Instagram and WhatsApp filters prevent automation and the usage of copy-paste. For the first time, they will impose a temporary lock on any of your action. However, for repeated violations, sanctions will be tightened.

  • Do not use too many message templates with images

Each image on Instagram and WhatsApp are dispatched as a separate message. If you send a lot of them, algorithms will block frequently repeated content.

  • Do not attach more than two links to a message on Instagram

Instagram checks all the links before dispatching the message. There is no detailed description of how the algorithm works. However, it can happen that a working link will not be sent while a non-working link will be successfully delivered. A general recommendation is not to overflow your message with links but add more text.

  • Do not use chatbots

Chatbots are not always useful assistants when it comes to social networks and messengers. You can be permanently banned both on Instagram and WhatsApp because of the usage of chatbots. There is no way you can access your account after this type of ban.

You can be banned during QR Code scanning

If you have recently registered an Instagram account, do not try to connect it to Wazzup immediately. Your Instagram page could be banned for it.

You get an IP-address corresponding with your location while making a page in a social network or messenger. If you connect the page to Wazzup, you will get a new IP address randomly. It is assigned at the moment of QR Code scanning, and it is technically impossible to give you an IP address matching your real location.

What will be happening if you connect recently created WhatsApp or Instagram accounts to Wazzup:

  • The IP address was determined according to your current location while creating an account on WhatsApp or Instagram;
  • While connecting to Wazzup, you will receive a new IP address, and it can be on the other side of the country;
  • Algorithms of WhatsApp and Instagram will decide your account was hacked;
  • You will get emails about suspicious activity on your account;
  • You will respond it was you who logged into account;
  • WhatsApp or Instagram will detect that you are using a third-party service and block access to the page.

How to avoid being blocked

You need to wait at least a day after registration of a new account on Instagram or WhatsApp. Try to connect to Wazzup only after 24 hours. At this time, you need to actively chat with your friends. This way, algorithms will decide that you need the page for communication with people, not commerce.

You can be banned because of the emulator usage

Emulators are services developed for launching applications on platforms they were not made to. WhatsApp and Instagram can detect and emulator usage. You will not be blocked straight away. But if algorithms notice suspicious activity, then most probably you go to ban.

Your account have been banned

There are two types of a block on WhatsApp and Instagram: temporary or permanent. Usually, WhatsApp and Instagram temporarily ban accounts for any violations made for the first time. However, if you continue to break the rules, you definitely will be banned permanently.

The temporary block

Instagram can block you for 3, 7 or 24 hours and 3, 7 or 21 days. You will not know for how long you have been banned. You will automatically get access to your page when the duration of a temporary Instagram ban is over.

WhatsApp also can restrict access to your page for several hours or days. However, this messenger will show for how long you are blocked. When you try to log into the account, the countdown timer opens and shows how many hours are left before the block is gone.

If your account was blocked, you have to wait. Do not try to speed up this process. Your block period can be prolonged if services notice any prohibited activity. When you have got your account back avoid using methods and services that brought you the temporary block.

The permanent block

A permanent ban is a lifetime account lockout. Of course, you can always register a new account on WhatsApp or Instagram. However, you will not get back your contacts, subscribers and loyal customers.  You will need to start developing your Instagram business account from zero. Your Facebook ads account is only one,  and this block will stay forever in your history account. If algorithms suspect any abnormal activity, you will be immediately banned.

There is almost no chance to get out of a permanent block. Nevertheless, you can attempt to address customer service on Instagram and find out why your account was banned. If you manage to prove you did not violate any terms of use, the moderators may unlock your account. Otherwise, register a new page and follow the rules.

How to create a new account

  1. Delete the Instagram or WhatsApp from your phone;
  2. Disable WiFi router because it is now compromised;
  3. Restart your phone and use only mobile Internet connection;

Insert a SIM-card if you did not have one. If the SIM-card was active, you need to restart your mobile Internet connection. Thus, you will have a new IP address.

  1. Download and install the necessary app;
  2. Create a new account using another phone number;
  3. Write messages and have live chats during the first 24 hours after sign up, do not use any third-party services or mailing;
  4. After one day you can connect to Wazzup. Scan the QR code through mobile Internet;
  5. Send several messages via Wazzup and check whether everything is working properly;
  6. Only now you can connect to WiFi.

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