#8: WABA, message statuses and group chats

October 31, 2022
6 минут

Some of recent UX problems have been solved: messages from group chats don’t create deals and contacts in the CRM anymore, WABA templates can be sent during the test period, WABA balance notifications are not as annoying as previously, and invoices are easily downloadable.

About this and much more right here — in our new changelog. 

WABA templates can be sent on a test period

How it worked before: WABA users couldn’t submit a template during a test period — an unclear error occurred. 

How it works now: we fixed it, so now templates can be tested without any problems.

As a reminder, recently we made a 3 day test period for WABA channel without company confirmation in Meta. This is a full-fledged WABA channel with templates, buttons, links, pictures and an option to send bulk messages. 

To test WABA, go to “Channels” section of Wazzup personal account → “Add Channel” → WhatsApp → WABA. Then follow the prompts.

Update message statuses on time

How it worked before: sometimes message statuses were late. Even after the client’s response, the outgoing message remained with one or two grey ticks — “sent” or “delivered”. 

How it works now: we show “read” status on time — without any delay. 

What happens in group chats stays in group chats 🙂

How it worked before: sometimes messages from group chats went to CRM as personal messages — this created extra unwanted deals and contacts. 

How it works now: we fixed it too. Messages won’t go further than group chats.

Link to QR code leads exactly to QR code

Recently we’ve added the ability to remotely authorize or add WhatsApp and Telegram Personal channels. Click the button under the code “Copy QR code link”, send the link to the employee — and hey presto, they can scan the QR without logging into the personal account. 

How it worked before: sometimes there was a bug: the user followed the link to the QR-code, but still ended up on the page of logging into the personal account. 

How it works now: it was fixed, now the link doesn’t mess around. 

WABA: no spam with intrusive notifications anymore

How it worked before: we overdid it a little bit by sending to one client more than 60 notifications that their WABA subscription had run out of money. 

How it works now: we’ve sorted out this problem, it won’t happen to anyone else. The notification comes once, as it should.

WABA: you can download a top-up invoice

How it worked before: it was not possible to download WABA top up invoice — you had to go to Wazzup’s support for it. 

How it works now: you are able to download the invoice directly from your personal account. To do this, go to “Subscriptions” → tab “Invoices and payment” → click on the three dots opposite the desired payment → “Download invoice”.

Also we’ve corrected the effects of amoCRM rebranding

How it worked before: the other day amoCRM.com changed its name to kommo.com. Because of this, users registered under the amoCRM.com domain were unable to add the new integration to Wazzup for some time.

How it works now: adapted to the changes in Amo, now everything works nice 🙂 

As a cherry on top you can trust your numbers now

How it worked before: sometimes users couldn’t add an employee number to invite them to the app. A message would appear saying that the number was incorrect, although it was entered correctly.

How it works now: we fixed it, no panic with numbers.

That’s all for now, folks. Stay tuned to our newswire to keep up with our updates. 

Hugs to everyone :*