Configure additional settings for integration with Pipedrive

Additional settings are located in the “Integration settings” section → the “More” tab and affect all channels at once.

1. Notify “Managers” on all messages

This setting may be needed if in the settings item “Select employee roles” you have salespeople with the “Manager” role.

Enable the setting if sellers with the “Manager” role need to get notifications from all Wazzup chats. Not only chats they’re responsible for, but also their colleagues’ chats.

This is how online stores and support departments work: customers come with simple questions and it doesn’t matter who answers them.

Without the setting enabled sellers with the “Sales rep” role receive notifications in Wazzup only from chats with clients they are responsible for. The “unanswered” icons in such chats will be red.

Notifications are not received from other sellers’ chats, and their “unanswered” icons are grey.

This is how classic sales departments work, where the manager not only controls the seller, but also leads his own clients.

2. Priority channel

This setting item includes employees who have access to several WhatsApp or Telegram channels. If you do not have such employees, this item will not be in.

For each sales rep, select the channel from which they will write clients first by default.

If a seller needs to send a message from another channel, no problem. When sending a message, they will be able to change it.