How to create contacts, leads and deals in Pipedrive with Wazzup integration

We do not automatically create leads and deals in Pipedrive. If a salesperson decides they need to create a lead, they need to do it themselves in CRM.

When creating a contact and a lead, do not change the fields that are already filled. So the client’s contact details will be correctly pulled into the contact and lead fields.

As soon as an employee creates a lead or deal for their client, they need to indicate in the contact card that they are responsible for it. This is necessary so that a dialogue with the client will be visible in Wazzup chats only for the seller who took the client. For other employees with the “Sales rep” role, the dialogue will disappear.

Responsibility for conversations does not affect the visibility of chats in Wazzup — it is only affected by responsibility for contact, lead or deal.