Updating the “Subscriptions” section of the personal account

August 4, 2021
3 минуты

This time we did not cut out big chunks of the service or delete any settings. No changes to the service are expected — messages will come and go.

The changes will affect only those who are going to change the parameters of the subscription or buy a new one. See our instructions for how to do this.

What’s new

Renaming the section. Now you can add, change, or rename a subscription in the “Subscriptions” section.

Getting rid of the balance. There is no longer the notion of a balance that you have to refill and then use it to pay for a subscription. It became much easier— you add a subscription and pay for it.

Transferring money from the balance to the bonus account. What used to be called an affiliate account is now called a “Bonus account”.

If you have money left on your balance, it will be transferred in the form of bonuses to your bonus account: “Affiliate” section of your Wazzup personal account → tab “Bonus Account”.

You can use the bonuses when you buy or renew a subscription.

Adding bonus payment to your subscription. Part of a subscription or the entire subscription can be paid for with bonuses. Any Wazzup user can earn bonuses by participating in the affiliate program.

Removing the restriction on creating multiple subscriptions with one tariff. It was a strange restriction 🙂 We couldn’t figure out what it was for, so we listened to those who were bothered by it and decided to remove it.

Now large companies can create separate subscriptions for their departments and branches.

Offering a discount in real money, not in extra days. Previously, when buying a subscription, we gave extra days, but now we offer a discount in cash: when buying a subscription for 6 months — 10%, when buying a subscription for a year — 20%.

Making it pretty. We changed the look of the section and put all the useful information on one screen. If you need to change the subscription parameters, click the three dots on the right side of the screen.

If you noticed a mistake, a missing functionality, something moved or flopped in the interface of the section — please write to support. Feedback is important to us and we will gratefully accept it.