#32: WABA templates, Bitrix Business Processes and analytics

June 19, 2023
2 minutes

As always, we’re here with some nice updates and fixes:

  • Now you can see when the WABA template was sent for moderation,
  • Business Process doesn’t freeze after our activity has sent a message,
  • Analytics show fresh data as it should.

WABA: you can find out how long the template is on moderation

Facebook reviews WABA templates on average for two days. While the template is in process of getting approval, its status will say “On moderation” — you can check it in your account. And as soon as the template is approved, it goes into the “Active” status.

How it worked before: it was almost impossible to figure out how long a WABA template has been on Facebook’s review because the admin of the Wazzup account couldn’t see when he sent it for approval, and find out how long the check has been going on. It could be only done through support, so it could it take time.

How it works now: now in your personal account you can see when the WABA template was sent for moderation.

To see the time, click on the question mark next to the status of the desired template.

Bitrix24: Business Process doesn’t freeze

How it worked before: if our activity sent a message to the client, the Business Process sometimes couldn’t proceed to the next step.

How it works now: it’s fixed now, our activity won’t enchant the Business Process and it will be able to continue working

Analytics: show up-to-date data

How it worked before: sometimes fresh data wasn’t displayed in the analytics. For example, on June 11 there were statistics up to June 9, without the last two days.

How it works now: it’s fixed, you can check everything on time.

Wazzup chats: you can write to the client first without any problems

How it worked in some specific cases: it wasn’t possible to write the first from the Wazzup chats on special occasions. When users tried to create a dialogue, the chat window was updated, but nothing happened after that.

How it works now: it’s fixed and will work as it should.


That’s all for now, folks. Stay tuned to our newswire to keep up with our updates. Hugs to everyone :*