#33: tags for templates, sending messages via Salesbot, subscription renewal

July 10, 2023
3 minutes

We’ve added template tags for your personal accounts. Now you can create tags for categorization, so it will be easier for sellers to find the right templates in chats.

We’ve also fixed a few bugs:

  • Salesbot from now will send a message even if the contact’s name isn’t filled in,
  • Renewal of subscriptions is fixed,
  • We don’t restrict writing in a new chat: the message input field is back in place now.

Now it’s easier to find the right template

You can add tags for Wazzup and WABA templates in your Wazzup account so sales reps could easily find the templates they need and respond to customers even faster. For example, all messages about payment can be marked with one tag, about delivery — with another.

To create tags, click on the “gear” icon next to the search bar for templates by tag.

To tag a template, open the list of templates → find the desired template in the row and click the arrow in the “Tags” column.

You can also assign a tag when you create new templates.

☝🏻 The tag lists for Wazzup and WABA templates are different. For example, you can’t assign a tag to a Wazzup template that you created in the WABA template tab. So add tags for the group of templates you’re working with in the template tab.

When you add the tags, a filter will appear in the list of templates in Wazzup chats. The sales rep will be able to select tags in the filter and will only see templates that are marked with the specified tags. 

Kommo: Salesbot sends a message even if the contact name is empty

How it worked before: our widget in Salesbot couldn’t send a message if the name in the contact card was empty. 

How it works now: it’s fixed now, so it will work even in that case. 

When we send a message, there’ll be a chat with the client created in Wazzup chats window. The contact name will include their messenger username or phone number, so in Kommo the name of the contact will remain blank.

Bitrix24: Passing the error code when working with the new activity

How it worked before: if an error occurred when working on a new activity, we’d send an error to the chat, but didn’t pass the error code. Because of this, it was impossible to set up automation by codes. For example, to send SMS if the client doesn’t have WhatsApp. 

How it works now: now we pass the error code. Also, in the notes in the Business Process logs, we write more about what happened. For example, if the client doesn’t have WhatsApp — we’ll say so.

Letting you write in the new chat

Sometimes this happened in Wazzup chats: when a salesperson switched to a dialog with a new contact, he couldn’t write to the client. We showed an empty chat without a line for entering a message.

You could fix it by closing and re-opening the chat, but it could quickly get annoying.

How it works now: now it is fixed. When the sales rep opens a new dialog, he can immediately write there.

Subscription renewal works as it should

How it worked before: Sometimes our users couldn’t renew their subscriptions. When you’ve tried to pay, the error “Invalid amount” would pop up. Although the amount was always correct.

How it works now: it’s fixed too, you can easily use it and renew it as always.

Save IDs from Google Analytics messages in Kommo

How it worked before: IDs from messages weren’t saved in the “gclientId” field for Google Analytics.

How it works now: it works as it should, everything’s okay with passing analytics too.

That’s all for now, have good sales, everyone :*